How Brain Inflammation Could be Impacting Your Child’s Learning & Behaviour

Is your child’s brain on fire? You’re probably thinking. “Oh no. Nothing like that. They have learning difficulties. Dyslexia. ADHD. ASD.” Yet inflammation is a major factor in most behaviour & learning issues. Top Signs of Brain Inflammation: Poor memory Aggression Brain fog Poor coordination & balance Poor focus Tics/OCD Reading & writing issues Irritability…

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How Crawling Can Prevent Learning Disabilities & ADHD

Crawling is a critical step in an infant’s brain development. Skipping crawling or not crawling for long enough can impact various cognitive processes. This can range from being unable to sit up straight, not holding a pencil correctly, hyperactivity and fidgeting and even dyslexia and learning disabilities. Education professors, O’Dell and Cook at the University…

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