Neurodiversity and a Well-Intentioned Disservice

Got a neurodivergent child?I know as a parent your biggest fear is:Their self-worth and how being uniquely-wired will affect their ...
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Stealth Dyslexia: Could Your Child Have an Issue?

Reese was 17 years old when he was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. He was a fluent reader and slipped through ...
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CDC Removes Crawling as a Milestone and Why this Makes Me Want to Scream

Last year the CDC removed a milestone from childhood development - which quite honestly makes me want to scream.Crawling is ...

Do I Tell My Child of Their Diagnosis?

Do I even tell my child of their diagnosis?Talking to your child about their unique challenges can come with so ...

What To Do After a Psycho Educational Assessment

It's what you do after a psycho. ed evaluation that matters.The biggest mistake I see moms make after a diagnosis ...

The Advanced Brain Screening: The Most Comprehensive Screening for Learning & Behaviour Issues

Most moms can tell you the moment when they knew.And if they pursue an official diagnosis, they're rarely surprised at ...
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Problems with Writing? Dysgraphia? Speech Issues? This Reflex Could the Cause

Nathan was told constantly he is smart but lazy.Part of that was true.Nathan was smart. He could follow along in ...
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Understanding the Root Cause of Tourette’s and OCD

Loic was misunderstood most of his childhood.He was what most people called a ‘problem child’. He was defiant to just ...
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Do This Before You Detox!!!

It’s great that more moms are aware than ever about the impact that toxicity has on their children’s learning and ...

Top Mistakes With Nutrition & Gut Healing

These are the top mistakes I see when people try to improve their child’s brain health through nutrition.#1 - Supplements, ...

How Gut Bacteria Influences Learning Ability & Focus

If your child struggles with learning or behaviour, we have to talk gut health.You've likely heard your second brain is ...
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How Yeast Could be Contributing to Learning & Behaviour Breakdown

If your kid loves sugar and carbs, yeast could be a factor in their learning & behaviour challenges.This fungus resides ...

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