The Advanced Brain Screening: The Most Comprehensive Screening for Learning & Behaviour Issues

Most moms can tell you the moment when they knew. And if they pursue an official diagnosis, they’re rarely surprised at the results. The grieving process and worry begin long before it’s official. Whether it’s when you realise your 5-year-old is reading better than your 8-year-old … all the other kids can sit still and…

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How Gut Bacteria Influences Learning Ability & Focus

If your child struggles with learning or behaviour, we have to talk gut health. You’ve likely heard your second brain is your gut.  There are 100 billion neurons in the gut. Many of your child’s neurotransmitters needed for learning, focus and emotional regulation are manufactured by the gut bacteria. The antibiotics, digestive issues, eczema, allergies…

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How Yeast Could be Contributing to Learning & Behaviour Breakdown

If your kid loves sugar and carbs, yeast could be a factor in their learning & behaviour challenges. This fungus resides naturally in your child’s gut but if unchecked can seriously impact their cognitive function.  How Candida Affects Learning & Behaviour A ground-breaking study in 2019 confirmed what many doctors have been saying for decades…

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