Nice to Meet You! I'm Lorraine Driscoll.

Integrative Educational Therapist & Nutritionist

Moms find me when they want to address the ROOT CAUSE of their child’s learning or behaviour difficulties so they can move beyond the limitations of IEPs and endless tutoring so their kids can rise to their full potential.

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As a former teacher who was seriously disenchanted with the limitations of the education system, I have a passion for overcoming rather than managing learning disabilities.


…and as a mom of a child who had PANS/PANDAS and was not getting real answers from the medical system, I had to dig deep and carve my own path for my daughter’s healing.


I learned quick there is no one-size-fits-all protocol and that you need a root cause, multi-therapy approach to truly address the multiple areas of breakdown when kids are struggling.


NOW I’m here to share what I know so that other moms don’t have to spend years trying to figure it out all by themselves like I did. 


Being a mom is the most important job on Earth. It shouldn’t feel like a daily climb up Mt. Everest. It should feel positive and rewarding.

And whether your child has a learning glitch or a severe learning or behaviour disorder, I know your child has potential – it’s just locked up!


My approach is radically different from conventional methods that are focused on compensations like IEPs, meds and tutoring as a permanent solution.


Your child deserves more than compensations and assistive technology – and I’m willing to bet you already know that.


But if you’re anything like the women I work with, you are a woman who is trying to do everything right as parent. 


You’ve read the books, scoured the web and seen the specialists but you feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. 


For several years my daughter lived with a mysterious neuro-immune condition, so I know first-hand the feeling of powerlessness and despair when your child is suffering.


I also learned that you’re only as happy as your least happy child.


If your child isn’t healthy or is struggling in school–it wears you down: zaps your energy, your joy and often your own health. 


Today my daughter is thriving teenage girl with NO diagnoses. She completely recovered from multiple diagnoses that were deemed incurable.


… and from that was born Building Better Brains and the Full Potential Academy.


Our programs take a corrective, multi-therapy approach that is rooted in the science of neuroplasticity, nutrition, and the knowledge that cognitive challenges don’t have to be permanent.


Some call me a ‘Professional Dot Connector’ since I identify how multiple diagnoses and physical symptoms are NOT unrelated and they don’t mean your child is ‘broken’ or has ‘bad genes’.


Instead, they are often clues to the underlying root cause like weak or underdeveloped connections in the brain, toxicity, poor gut health, a dysregulated nervous system and other often overlooked factors.


My goal is to help kids move beyond management approaches by optimizing brain chemistry via nutrition, detoxification, and gut healing.


Then we address weak connections in the brain with research-based brain exercises like reflex integration, rhythmic movement, brain integration therapy coupled with neuro-technologies to help kids bust past their apparent limitations so they can truly thrive.


I know you want your child to be happy and healthy.


To end the homework AND mealtime battles.


To restore your child’s confidence and independence.


To have peace and sanity in your home (and maybe some YOU time).


So, if you’re ready to explore a integrative, corrective approach to moving your child forward – let’s chat.


Professional Bio

Lorraine Driscoll holds a Masters of Science in Teaching degree and is an Integrative Educational Therapist and Functional Neurology Practitioner. She is certified in various cognitive therapies like LearningRX’s internationally recognized, PACE: Performance and Cognitive Enhancement Master the Code, Dr. Blomberg’s Level 1, 2 & 3 Rhythmic Movement Method as well as Brain Highways and various other evidence-based neuro-technologies like Interactive Metronome, SSP, Unyte/Integrated Learning Systems and Neuralign Reading Technology

She completed training in Applied Functional Neurology for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders under the instruction of internationally recognized neurologist, Dr. Robert Melillo.


Lorraine Driscoll taught in the public school system for fourteen years. During that time she became board certified as a Registered Nutritionist where she graduated in the 95th percentile. Lorraine is trained to interpret Functional Lab Testing which she uses in conjunction with clinical symptomology. In 2016, she completed her certification in Chicago as a Certified Gut & Psychology practitioner.


After her daughter’s recovery from PANS/PANDAS, Lorraine was inspired to seek training in neuroplastic learning therapies to address many of the learning challenges that she witnessed in the education system, but was unable to implement in the day-to-day classroom environment. 


Her unique approach is both holistic and scientific. She focuses on healing the brain-gut connection through bio-individual nutrition therapy (SCD, GAPS, Body Ecology etc.) and then utilizes evidence-based neuroplastic learning therapies like primitive reflex integration, brain hemispheric balancing, cerebellum development as well neuro-technologies like Interactive MetronomeIntegrated Listening Systems, Cellfield and Neuralign. 


These interventions stimulate the brain to re-organize and re-pattern so that it can function in a more interconnected and efficient way.


Lorraine has appeared on local television on more than one occasion and has participated in numerous health summits and podcasts. She works with private schools as both a screener and consultant. She acknowledges there is no magic bullet solution, but there is always opportunity for each person to achieve optimal brain & body function.


Her mission is to empower mothers and children with the tools to overcome struggles related to learning and behaviour disorders by moving past compensations and addressing the root of the problem.


Lorraine loves watching her clients witness the profound healing and empowerment that can occur when they take an active role in the health and function of their brain and body.

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Lorraine Driscoll

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