Welcome! I’m Lorraine Driscoll.


I help children to overcome learning and behaviour challenges so they can be better learners and be confident, happier kids that can rise to their full potential.


As a parent – can you want anything more? Happier, healthier kids means you can have peace-of-mind and sanity at home.


If you’re anything like the woman I work with, you are a woman who is trying to do everything right as a parent. 


You’ve read the books, scored the web and seen the specialists, but you are:


Burnt out with worry over your child’s learning and behaviour struggles. 


Have a child who is struggling with ADHD, reading, learning or autism spectrum. 


You feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. 


For several years my daughter lived with a mysterious neuro-immune condition so I know first-hand the feeling of powerlessness and despair when your child is suffering.


I also learned that you’re only as happy as your least happy child. If your child isn’t healthy or is struggling in school–it wears you down: zaps your energy, your joy and often your own health.


So What’s a Girl to Do?


I combine my 15 years as an elementary teacher, my studies in neuroplastic learning therapies with my training as a Registered Nutritionist to address the root cause of your child’s challenges.


I’ve learned that nutrition, learning and the brain are so intricately linked that they are inseparable. My own struggles with my health and my child’s forced me to apply what I learned and then to learn some more–like we can transform!


I see proof on a daily basis that we are not stuck with the brain or body we are born with!


…and I want you and your child to experience that transformation too!


I might not be a psychic, but I have an idea of what YOU want.


You want your children to THRIVE.


You want your child to be able to read and to be focused so he or she can experience the confidence that comes with success.


You want your children to be happy and healthy.


You want to end the meal-time and homework battles.


You want to have peace and SANITY in your home.


The reality is that you’ve tried everything—nothing has worked. You see women and their children who are thriving and you want what they have, but have no idea how to get there.


You feel stuck, drained, out-of-options.


Let’s play what if…


What if your child isn’t broken, but needs another way to learn–one that focuses on restoring what is hibernating?


What if there was a reading program that is based on neuro research which creates the correct brain pathways needed for reading? (Spoiler – There is! It’s called Cellfield and LS Works)


What if you knew that bio-individual nutrition combined with brain-training could change the neural networks that cause your child to struggle with dyslexia, ADHD, autism and anxiety?


What if the reason your child has dyslexia or ADHD has more to do with gut flora and the brain-gut connection, lifestyle and our pathologizing of childhood rather than your failure as a parent or ‘bad genetics’?


What if you’re trying to fit a square peg in a cookie-cutter-round hole?


What if I could help your child go from surviving to THRIVING?


Schedule a free Better Brain Breakthrough Call. I’ll help you discover 3 roadblocks that are preventing your child from reaching their full potential and I will identify the #1 change you can make to improve your child’s situation.


To learn more about the basics of getting your child started on building a better brain download my free guide The Laser Focused Learner Starter Kit.


After completing a Masters of Science in Teaching degree, Lorraine Driscoll taught in the public school system for fifteen years.


After her daughter’s recovery from PANS/PANDAS, Lorraine was inspired to seek training in neuroplastic learning therapies to address many of the learning challenges that she witnessed in the education system, but was unable to implement in the day-to-day classroom environment.


Early in her career, she was faced with auto-immune and mental health issues which motivated her to heal the root cause of her illnesses. This led to further training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist where she graduated in the 95 percentile and thereafter started a nutritional consulting business.

Lorraine specializes in pediatric nutrition, gut-brain healing and educational therapies that help to retrain the brain.


In 2017, she completed her certification in Chicago as a Certified Gut & Psychology Practitioner under the instruction of internationally recognized neurologist, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. 


Her unique approach is both holistic and scientific. She focuses on healing the brain-gut connection through bio-individual nutrition therapy (SCD, GAPS, Body Ecology etc.) and then utilizes internationally recognized neuroplastic learning therapies—Integrated Listening Systems, Cellfield and LS Works. These interventions stimulate the brain to re-organize and repattern so that it can function in a more interconnected and efficient way.


Lorraine has appeared on local television on more than one occasion.


Lorraine acknowledges that there is no magic bullet solution, but that there is always opportunity for each person to achieve optimal brain & body function.

Her mission is to empower women with the knowledge to support brain-body healing by restoring the basic practices that were once routine wisdom to maintaining the optimal health of the family.


Lorraine loves watching her clients witness the profound healing and empowerment that can occur when they take an active role in their brain and body health!

Trusted and Accredited

Could your child have a learning disability?

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