The Advanced Brain Screening

Go beyond a diagnosis. Identify the ROOT CAUSE of your child’s difficulties so you can end the guessing-game and band-aid approaches.

This may be perfect for you if:

Instead of finding out What's WRONG, Find out What's WEAK & IMBALANCED so your child can progress towards corrective solutions.

What other parents had to say about The Advanced Brain Screening…

"We finally got real answers after six years of psycho-ed
evaluations, IEPs, specialists and few results."
London, England
"In less than 60 minutes we got so much clarity. It made so much sense
with what we were seeing at home. This screening should be
routine in all schools for all kids."
Toronto, Ontario
"After $2000 on a psych evaluation, I still didn't know the root
cause or how to help my child. This helped me to finally understand
my son and how to help him."
Albany, NY

You need to know the ROOT CAUSE before you can progress to corrective Solutions.


It’s not enough to know your child has 

dyslexia or ADHD. 


It’s not enough to know they have poor

auditory processing or visual 

processing disorder.


You need to find out WHY it’s weak. 


You need to ask…


“Why. Why. Why.”



REAL solutions starts with identifying 

how areas of biochemical imbalance 

and weak connections in the brain 

can cause breakdown in reading, 

learning and behaviour.


The Advanced Brain Screening is an online screening that you can do at home and will transform your understanding of your child’s difficulties and how you can help them.

When you sign up for the Advanced Brain Screening, you will receive: 

Are You Ready To:

Finding the root cause of your child’s difficulties doesn’t 

have to be complicated.


Instead of waiting lists, expensive evaluations that still don’t identify the cause or waiting for the 

school system which is shorter on resources than ever – grab the Advanced Brain Screening.

Take the first step in addressing the ROOT CAUSE by finding out what
areas of the brain are weak and imbalanced.

Ask yourself if you could finally find out what's really causing your child's learning and behaviour difficulties - would it be worth it to you? If yes - grab the Advanced Brain Screening now.

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