How Crawling Can Prevent Learning Disabilities & ADHD

Crawling is a critical step in an infant’s brain development. Skipping crawling or not crawling for long enough can impact various cognitive processes. This can range from being unable to sit up straight, not holding a pencil correctly, hyperactivity and fidgeting and even dyslexia and learning disabilities. Education professors, O’Dell and Cook at the University…

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Using Movement So Your Child Can Better Learn & Behave!

You have heard thousands of times how movement is good for circulation and heart health, but many parents are surprised to hear about the significant impact that movement–specific movements–can have on improving their child’s ability to stay calm, focused and to effectively learn. Problems with Fine & Gross Motor Skills Poor coordination, balance, fine motor…

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Regret And The Fear Of Letting Go: Part 3 Of Over-Eating, Hoarding And Shopping Addiction

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few… After I went on a clutter purge, I felt incredibly vulnerable. I was shocked that discarding could have the emotional charge that it did. I had all sorts of phrases circulating around my mind that were all filled with “what if…”, “but maybe…”, “suppose I need to…” and the all-pervasive…

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