trueTrue to Yourself Nutrition evolved out of the undeniable fact that each of us has a unique biochemical makeup which is influenced by our genes, lifestyle, environment and even our experiences. There is no one-size-fits-all diet because there is no single body that is the same. What heals one, can harm another.

Fad diets don’t work because you  need to discover your needs and your preferences based on your metabolic type, your lifestyle and your individual challenges. That’s right, it’s all about YOU at True to Yourself Nutrition!

♥ Address the root of illness and obesity. Alleviate and manage symptoms by targeting nutritional deficiencies and imbalances within the body.

♥ Accomplish weight loss without restriction and deprivation. Willpower is finite. Learn skill power.

♥ Apply the principles of Mind-Body eating (a weight loss method that is clinically proven to be superior to diets.)

♥ Clear the confusion about what food is healthy amongst the conflicting research. Eat right for YOU.

Mind-Body Eating addresses:                                                      

♥ The root of overeating by examining the why and how you eat (thoughts, emotions, habits.) See Wholehearted Eating Program to learn more about Mind-Body Eating for weight-loss.

♥ Hunger, cravings and satiety cues.

♥ How your diet and body’s health affects your mental health.

♥ How emotions and experiences influence your digestion, metabolism, circulation, immunity and overall functioning of the body.        

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