How the Full Potential Academy is Different from Any Other Education & Behaviour Program on the Market

The #1 question people ask ALL the time is “What’s the cause of my child’s difficulties?” It’s key to understand that your child’s difficulties are likely not caused by ONE thing. So they can’t possibly be overcome by one approach. This is why The Full Potential Academy is unique because it is a multi-therapy approach…

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How Brain Inflammation Could be Impacting Your Child’s Learning & Behaviour

Is your child’s brain on fire? You’re probably thinking. “Oh no. Nothing like that. They have learning difficulties. Dyslexia. ADHD. ASD.” Yet inflammation is a major factor in most behaviour & learning issues. Top Signs of Brain Inflammation: Poor memory Aggression Brain fog Poor coordination & balance Poor focus Tics/OCD Reading & writing issues Irritability…

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Reading Comprehension Difficulties? A Weak Working Memory Could Be the Culprit

In my last article, I wrote about how poor working memory affects learning disabilities. Poor working memory can have a significant impact on the ability to decode and comprehend written text. Up to 70% of students with learning disabilities in reading score ‘very low’ on working memory. Working memory can be compared to a video…

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