The Full Potential Formula

A drug-free, multi-therapy program for overcoming difficulties related to Learning Disbilities, ADHD & Autism Spectrum

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It’s time to overcome learning and behaviour difficulties by ditching band-aid approaches and addressing the ROOT CAUSE instead of just managing the problem - without rigid diets or hours of after-school support!

Let me know if this sounds familiar

Have you tried everything in the book and it feels like all you do is nag and worry?

Let me tell you a secret - it's not your fault!​

As a former teacher and clinician I see moms every day who feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING. From reading programs to tutoring to IEP’s and meds–nothing seems to work and they feel like they are running out of options.
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Forget everything you've been taught about learning and behaviour difficulties!

This is a REAL evidence-based, multi-therapy approach that targets learning and behaviour difficulties where they start AND offers REAL solutions and RESULTS.



What you need is a proven way to get your child to:

I know your child can soar.


If you're anything like the moms I work with you want the best for your child. You see their genius - but it's locked up.

Even if moms are aware that to really help their child, they need to go beyond IEP's, meds and tutoring - there are other reasons they still get stuck:


There is still a prevailing belief that the brain can't change despite decades of research that it can. This idea still dominates schools and even healthcare which is why kids aren't overcoming their challenges and why moms are told there is not much they can do.

… Overwhelm and confusion

There is so much conflicting information out there! So many of the moms I know do their research, but they get so bogged down with what to do first and what to do next that they just throw in the towel (understandably) because they are burnt-out.

… DIY (Do-It-Yourselfers) 


When you're trying to figure it all out on your own without a professional to help you stay motivated, troubleshoot and make sure you are doing the action effectively it can feel like nothing is working because you don't have all the information, know what tweaks can be made or have someone to troubleshoot and seek support.

…Wrong action at the wrong time


So often moms will tell me they did vision therapy or OT or diet BUT they didn't do the right action at the right time. This is critical. A child's brain develops in the same way it evolved and we need to make sure we are not jumping the gun.

For example - vision therapy needs to be done AFTER we have developed all of the lower brain levels.



What if you could get your child unstuck, improve learning and focus, restore your child's confidence and watch them soar?

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What if…

That's what it's like when you and your child get unstuck, get answers, direction and build momentum in helping your child build their best brain – and life.

Imagine what your life would look and feel like

happy family

Imagine your child has confidence, is calm and independent and mornings and evenings are actually pleasant.

Imagine having more time to enjoy the things that really matter like family outings, travelling, restaurants and even nights to yourself!

If this seems hard to imagine - listen up.

As an educational therapist and nutritionist here are a few things you need to know…

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Food is the Brain’s Building Blocks

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The brain can change

The brain can change and grow new neurons when stimulated correctly—and that’s what learning therapies do. They are movement and cognitive exercises that target specific areas of the brain.

Movement occurs in the same area of the brain as learning

Learning therapies target areas of the brain that are weak and underdeveloped by stimulating the growth of new brain cells as well as new connections between brain cells. These therapies have been used for decades to help stroke victims recover their cognitive processes as well as individuals with head injuries and brain damage. These same types of movement therapies are used by occupational therapists and in private schools. The Full Potential Formula uses various types of movement therapies such as Primitive Reflex Integration, Dr. Melillo style Brain -Balance, Brain Integration Therapy as well as Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement.

Traditional tutoring and phonics programs can produce minimal results

Learning to read does not have to be a grueling uphill battle every night. Repeating the same reading drills over and over will feel like torture for your child until the source of the problem is determined and corrected. Poor readers have weak connections in the brain and in the wrong places. In as little as six weeks these connections can be strengthened. After only three weeks, many children have a 50% reduction in letter reversals. A reading program is not the same as a reading therapy.

Dyslexia might have a genetic component – that doesn’t make it permanent​

Dr. Sally shaywitz, director of the yale centre for dyslexia and the leading dyslexia authority in the united states on dyslexia acknowledges the genetic component but insists there is absolutely no reason that a child cannot learn to read with the correct reading intervention.
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Sound waves and frequencies stimulates the growth of new brains cells and connections

Sound waves and sound therapy impacts brain activity and increases the growth of networks in the brain. Learning therapies like Soundsory and Integrated Listening Systems uses sound waves to improve the brain’s ability to learn, memorize, process, focus, and manage emotions.
Integrated Listening Systems listen and throw

Your child doesn’t have a ‘bad’ brain. Just one that needs better nourishment and stronger connections

The problem is that in education and conventional healthcare, we tend to do 'Top-Down' approaches that address the SYMPTOMS through COMPENSATIONS rather than offering CORRECTIONS to address the ROOT CAUSE.

Top down approaches are things like:

Bottom-Up approaches address the ROOT CAUSE and are CORRECTIVE.

They are therapies and interventions that change the brain like:
central nervous system
The two most effective ways that research has found to improve focus, learning, behaviour and mood are also the methods that are the least discussed by schools, psychologists and even doctors – bottom-up approaches.

So I'd like to introduce you to...

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The Full Potential Formula is all about BOTTOM-UP APPROACHES

Transforming learning and behaviour challenges starts with:

Nourishing the brain to ensure it has all the building blocks to do its job.

Nutrients make everything from neurotransmitters that keep your child calm, happy and focused, to hormones that help them fall asleep and be more resilient to stress. This includes detoxification as well as gut healing (which is your child's second brain… the gut bacteria manufactures many of our neurotransmitters like serotonin)

Brain Organization – Learning therapies go beyond managing a condition because they are corrective.

The reason your child’s brain is not working optimally is because there is disorganization; they have weak connections and likely in the wrong places. Cognitive exercises re-train the brain by improving the way the brain processes and stores information, manages emotions and reacts to stressors.

Nourishment & Brain Organization are the difference between a child who thrives and one who doesn’t.

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It’s not the brain you have, it’s the brain you create

Success Stories

Nick's Story

Nick was an eight-year-old boy who struggled with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, tics, explosive behaviour and mild OCD behaviour. He had pale, pasty skin, dark circles under his eyes, white spots on his nails and bumps on the back of his arms–all frequent markers of sensitivities and deficiencies. Nick had a zinc deficiency, a common culprit with picky eating, learning disabilities and ADHD. Within 6 weeks of diet changes, Nick’s tantrums had gone from an 8 to a 2; he was better able to self-regulate and his tutor had remarked on his improved focus. The dark circles were gone, his skin had colour, the fungus on his feet disappeared and his willingness to try new foods had eliminated mealtime battles. When we added movement therapy and sound frequency therapy, Nick’s coordination and balance improved; he wasn’t falling as much and was doing much better at Karate classes. His reading improved so much in school that within 8 months, the school called to say he no longer needed an IEP.

Katie's Story

Katie was an eight-year-old girl who was significantly behind her peers in her reading ability. She could read approximately 10 sight words and homework was a constant battle. Within weeks of addressing poor eye movement as well as weak phonemic awareness, she was no longer reversing letters and was motivated to do her exercises without prompting. In no time, Katie was able to retain phonic sounds, blend sounds together and even read entire sentences with no assistance. Reading became automatized in that she was able to sound out unfamiliar words by using the strategies she had learned in the program. Her reading comprehension improved because she was no longer putting all of her effort into decoding. By the end of the program Katie was reading fluently at four levels higher and homework is completed in 20 minutes instead of 60 minutes of battles and tears. Katie enjoys reading so much now that her mother actually had to tell her to put the reading away and go outside!

Ayden's STory

Ayden was a bright thirteen-year-old boy who had poor executive function and working memory. He was able to read but often had no idea what he just read, had difficulty processing information and writing by hand at the same time and his penmanship was illegible. Ayden also had issues with sensory processing–he never wore layers and hated the feeling of tags and seams. We first improved his nutrition and then incorporated movement therapy and Integrated Listening Systems. Ayden’s mother thought him ‘being of few words’ was just part of his personality but couldn’t believe how much he was now talking. Organization also improved and in no time, Ayden was wearing jeans and even layers, he was able to remember what he just read and his penmanship and ability to process his thoughts while writing had all transformed. Not only did Ayden gain a newfound sense of confidence but even his family started to feel better with the diet changes and exercises that they were also doing.



Screen, assess and uncover the root cause of your child's difficulties with everything from nutrition, to gut healing to brain organization so you are no longer wondering or guessing and are confident you are actually doing the right action to get your child results.


Improve learning, behaviour and reading by ensuring the brain is getting everything it needs to function optimally and to build new neurons and better connections so that your child feels more focused, calm and able to learn.


Strengthen weak connections and build new neurons through the use of evidence-based assessments, exercises and brain-training technologies.

Get the help you need

The Full Potential Formula is a drug-free, multi-therapy approach that is scientifically proven to overcome difficulties related to learning, attention, reading, focus, and social skills.


As the brain health and organization improves, your child is better able to read, learn and process the world around them and they become more confident and engaged with life. The Full Potential Formula can help your child move from frustrated and struggling to focused and happy!

Nourishment & Brain Organization are the difference between a child who thrives and one who doesn’t.
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The Full Potential Formula is right for your child if …

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That’s where I come in…

Hi, I’m Lorraine Driscoll.

I remember feeling like I was burnt out and failing as a parent, overwhelmed with all the options, and desperate to help my child. After years of band-aid approaches I learned that the reason my daughter and students struggled was because we never addressed the root cause – we just ‘managed’ the problem.


 Now I’m here to share what I’ve learned because you and I both know that your child has incredible potential – it’s just locked up.


 As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Educational Therapist, I have extensive training in the two most frequently over-looked sources of reading and learning difficulties: nutrition and learning therapies that change the brain.


I help moms move beyond the limitations of IEPs, medication and endless tutoring so kids can become independent, regain their confidence and rise to their full potential – and moms can have peace of mind (and even time for themselves!)

The Full Potential Formula is an online, 6-month program that transforms behaviour, focus, mood & learning

Here’s everything you get inside this program:

360-Degree Support

As the name implies, you receive constant support: a professional who has been there as a mom, weekly group coaching calls and a private members-only Facebook group with a community of moms who get it. The support is designed to tailor the program to meet your child’s bio-individual needs, answer your questions, troubleshoot and provide accountability to stay on track.

Diet Detective Nutritional Assessment

Stop guessing what nutrients your child might be lacking. Instead feel confident your child has all the ‘raw materials’ their brain needs to optimally learn, function and behave as well as what is needed to build new connections once they start doing brain-training. Replace medication with balanced body and brain-chemistry naturally.

Meal Planning Road Map

Includes PDF Meal Planners, Simplified Lunches, Grocery Lists, Main Meals, Top Brain Busting Foods, & Snack Ideas!

Come home without having to figure out what to eat or if it is healthy because you have a road map and plan. This makes you less likely to ‘fall off the wagon’ since you now have a clear plan with recipes, lunch and snack ideas.

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Brain Bluepring

Advanced Brain Screening

Move past diagnoses and labels and finally have REAL answers and know exactly what areas of your child’s brain is weak or underdeveloped. No more wondering or guessing.

Identifying the weak areas means your child can do exercises and therapies that work to create real solutions and results. 

Brain Building Movements

Instead of homework battles, IEP’s and medication, your child can do brain building exercises that feel nothing like the side-effects of medication or the boredom and frustration of school-work. Get videos and PDF’s of targeted brain exercises used in private schools and hospitals to develop specific areas of the brains. Instead of managing your child’s challenges, they are finally doing an intervention that improves their processing, memory, reading ability, focus and behaviour.
Once these connections are built and you see how much their focus and cognition has improved, homework battles and reading meltdowns will be a thing of the past.
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Brain Changing Technology

Cutting edge, research-based and doctor approved technology that accelerates gains in brain function which helps your child catch up to their peers and make up for lost time and learning gaps that occur when kids fall behind.

These technologies improve growth of new pathways in your child’s brain so learning ability, focus, memory and reading fluency improves faster than standard brain-training exercises – and this boosts your child’s confidence and increases motivation and independence.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Feel supported by a professional that helps you stay on track, prevent overwhelm and self-sabotage and can troubleshoot so that the program’s blueprint is tailored and bio-individual to your child’s unique make-up and needs.
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Life-Time Access & Community

The journey doesn’t end when you hit the 6-month mark. When you invest in the Full Potential Formula, you have invested in a lifetime community. You get lifetime access to the Members Only Facebook Group, the Full Potential Vault and you can still tune in for Weekly Group Coaching Calls. This means you don’t lose your community, support system and resources as your child continues to soar to their full potential.

Here are some typical results

The Full Potential Formula

Also Includes:


Meal planning kit


Better brains cookbook​


12 weeks of nutrition and gut healing coaching


The sugar intervention protocol


12 weeks of brain-training exercises and support


Brain-training technology (soundsory, ils, and/or ls works reading intervention)


Orton-gilligham word lists


Lifetime access to the better brains vault of templates, videos, guides and pdfs

What previous clients have to say…

But wait - that's not all you get

The Full Potential Formula BONUSES

There has never been a better time to help your child. Kids don't 'outgrow' these challenges - they just develop compensations and limit themselves.

… Besides where else are you going to get private school approaches (and more!) without the private school price tag?

Take the first step and book a Clarity Call.

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Your child does not need a diagnosis to begin the program. The program is designed to help those with any diagnosis or symptoms related to ADHD, autism spectrum, reading or learning delays, speech difficulties, expressive language challenges, sensory processing disorder, emotional regulation, ODD, anxiety and more. The research is irrefutable that the sooner children get the help they need–the better the results. Either way a diagnosis is irrelevant to the brain-body approach especially since many children often don’t meet all the criteria of a diagnosis and still struggle significantly with learning, reading or behaviour. Instead of labelling, the brain-body approach screens for underlying factors that contribute to learning and behaviour struggles such as nutrition, skipped milestones and poor brain organization.

Because this approach is not medical–the program is not covered under insurance policies. However, Registered Holistic Nutritionists are covered under several insurance companies so the portion of the program that involves nutritional consults may be covered. Although there are no guarantees, some parents are able to submit the receipts because they receive funding from the government for a child with an official diagnosis.

The brain-body approach looks beyond the limitations of labels and one-size-fits-all therapies. This program seeks to uncover and correct the root cause of why your child is struggling–and there’s almost always more than one! An individualized approach which integrates various therapies helps parents to achieve real solutions in nurturing their child’s full potential. Once the assessment is complete and imbalances and deficiencies are identified, a customized plan that combines multiple therapies to address your child’s unique needs is developed. This assessment and plan looks at your child as a whole–rather than from a perspective of a label or a diagnosis. The brain-body approach is based on the most recent knowledge and research in educational therapy and functional medicine. Targeted nutrition and learning therapies are the starting point in transforming many of the common childhood disorders that are rising in epidemic proportions among children today.


Many current therapies just look at learning or behaviour difficulties through one angle. By just looking at nutrition, or just looking at sensory-motor development there will likely be results, but they will not be as transformative as an approach that screens from multiple angles. My education and background in both educational and corrective therapies and functional holistic nutrition enables me to see the whole picture and put all of these solutions together into one simple, easy-to-follow program that can have life changing results with as little effort as twenty minutes a day.

Educational therapy is focused on correcting underlying learning or behaviour glitches so that your child can actually overcome limitations and experience real success.  Educational therapists are trained in how the brain learns, where and why learning or behaviour challenges originate and how to help promote changes in brain organization, memory, reading, learning ability and overall processing. The problem with many reading and learning programs is that they do not address or resolve the underlying reasons for learning difficulties or behaviour challenges.

Traditional remedial learning and reading programs like tutoring often teach around the problem and create strategies to manage a disorder rather than correcting the source of the problem. Unfortunately, remedial learning may at times cause more damage by re-enforcing “˜faulty’ connections. The answer to improving your child’s abilities is not always “˜more practice’. Certainly practice makes perfect when the right connections are in place. Rigorous, rote learning may not only strengthen the wrong connections but it often leads to mental exhaustion, lack of motivation and even potential failure.

Educational therapists assess and screen where the weaknesses and underlying problems reside so that the correct therapies can be applied to create strong corrections. When the right connections are in place learning takes place more naturally and confidence and motivation soars. Tutoring is focused on extra practice and homework and can help to improve grade levels but tutoring benefits are short-term. Tutors are not trained in therapies that help to improve the way the brain processes, retains and stores information.

Yes. Connections in the brain are made strong throughout the six month program. As long as healthy nutrition, regular movement, and cognitive stimulation that is typically a part of every child’s daily life, is occurring, then the brain will not only maintain healthy connections but will continue to create new ones through ongoing learning and stimulation. When I follow-up with parents long after their child has completed the program, they often tell me their child is continuing to improve academically and socially. When the right connections are in place, the brain can’t help but continue to build and grow!

But, but, but…


Children don’t outgrow learning and behaviour challenges. In fact, many of these issues can get worse as children get older or shift into something else (ie. Many kids with ADHD become adults with anxiety disorders). When these challenges are not addressed properly, these kids often develop coping strategies which are not always effective, limit their abilities and potential and ultimately affect their self-worth and self-esteem.

Sizeable investments are intimidating for anyone but consider that the average family of a child with special needs spends tens of thousands of dollars on all kinds of interventions by the time they are 18 (and most of these interventions don’t address the root cause but just manage it). Sometimes it is just a mindset shift into investing in the things that we value. One mom pointed out that the program was only a fraction of what they pay for her son’s little league hockey. Another mom said she paid four times that with all the years of tutoring and other band-aid approaches. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves can we afford not to invest in an intervention that addresses the root cause? … and an intervention that offers private school approaches for far less.
Sometimes really effective therapies don’t work because they are not done correctly. For example, many people aren’t doing evidence-based exercises for primitive reflex integration or they are trying crazy elimination diets instead of focusing on nourishment. Other times they are not doing the right action at the right time such as doing vision therapy before primitive reflexes are integrated, vestibular system is well developed, and the two brain hemispheres are balanced.

The Full Potential Formula

The Full Potential Formula Mockup
Where cutting edge therapies and private school interventions come together minus the private school price tag!

Investment For Your Child's Full Potential

Full Potential Bronze

$ 2200 Payment Plan Available
  • Diet Detective Nutritional Assessment
  • Gut Healing Protocol
  • Meal Planning Road Map
  • Lifetime access to Full Potential Vault
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Advanced Brain Screening
  • Better Brain Exercises
  • Bonuses
  • Two 1:1 coaching calls
  • Technologies - Sound Frequency Therapy & Read LS Reading Intervention Works

Full Potential Silver

$ 3100 Payment Plan Available
  • Diet Detective Nutritional Assessment
  • Gut Healing Protocol
  • Meal Planning Road Map
  • Lifetime access to Full Potential Vault
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Advanced Brain Screening
  • Better Brain Exercises
  • Bonuses
  • Two 1:1 coaching calls
  • ONE Technology - Sound frequency therapy OR Read LS Reading Intervention Works

Full Potential Gold

$ 4400 Payment Plan Available
  • Diet Detective Nutritional Assessment
  • Gut Healing Protocol
  • Meal Planning Road Map
  • Lifetime access to Full Potential Vault
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Advanced Brain Screening
  • Better Brain Exercises
  • Bonuses
  • Two 1:1 coaching calls
  • BOTH Technologies - Sound Frequency Therapy AND Read LS Reading Intervention Works

Ask yourself this - if you only got a child that was more confident and happier - would it be worth it to you?

If the answer is yes, I’m inviting you to book a clarity call with me to discuss how we can work together to unlock your child’s full potential.
Trusted and Accredited LORRAINE DRISCOLL
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