After completing a Masters of Science in Teaching degree, Lorraine Driscoll taught in the public school system for thirteen years. Early in her career, she was faced with auto-immune and mental health issues which motivated her to heal the root cause of her illnesses. This led to further training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist where she graduated in the 95 percentile and thereafter started a nutritional consulting business.

More recently, Lorraine was inspired to seek training in neuroplastic learning to holistically address many of the learning challenges that she witnessed in the education system, but was unable to implement in the day-to-day classroom environment.

Her unique approach is both holistic and scientific. She focuses on healing the brain-gut connection through bio-individual nutrition therapy (SCD, GAPS, Body Ecology etc.) and then utilizes internationally recognized neuroplastic brain interventions—Integrated Listening Systems and Cellfield. These interventions stimulate the brain to re-organize and repattern so that it can function in a more interconnected and efficient way.

Lorraine’s other program, Your Best Brain & Body Weight-Loss, fosters sustainable eating habits by merging the principles of body ecology weight-loss with eating psychology so that women can heal both their metabolism and their eating mindset.

Lorraine acknowledges that there is no magic bullet solution, but she believes there is always opportunity for each person to achieve optimal brain & body function. Her mission is to empower women with the knowledge to support brain-body healing by restoring the basic practices that were once routine wisdom to maintaining the optimal health of the family.

Lorraine loves watching her clients witness the profound healing and empowerment that can occur when they take an active role in their brain and body health!