After completing a Masters of Science in Teaching degree in 2005, Lorraine began facing her own auto-immune and mental health issues. While teaching part-time, she trained as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated in 2007 in the 95 percentile.

She has been working in public education for over a decade in Eastern Ontario as well as operating her own nutritional consulting business where she has specialized in fostering sustainable dietary changes by applying the principles of eating psychology, lifestyle re-alignment and therapeutic nutrition.

Unable to deny the link between nutrition, lifestyle and brain health that she sees in the classroom, she began integrating her background in education and nutrition to help children and adults with dyslexia, LD, ADHD, SPD and autism. Lorraine combines brain-training with therapeutic nutrition to get the best results in improving brain function.

She specializes in improving brain function through dietary practices that heal the brain-gut connection (GAPS, SCD, Paleo). Having completed the ‘Cooking to Heal’ cooking class, Lorraine is passionate about teaching people how to return to their roots by learning many of the lost kitchen practices that were practiced for centuries by our ancestors.

She recently become certified as a Cellfield Reading Program Provider–the only reading program that applies the principles of neuroplasticity and is designed to re-wire the neural networks in the brains of individuals with reading struggles so that they read from the same area of the brain as typical readers. Other tools she employs to help her clients are bio-individual nutrition, brain-training exercises, neuro-linguistic programming and mindfulness.

In 2015, Lorraine developed an Eating Psychology program, Your Best Body & Brain for women. The program addresses emotional eating, food addiction and self-sabotage by applying the principles of mindful eating with the practical aspects of navigating social outings and restaurants, grocery shopping, reading food labels and understanding ‘fad’ health foods. She assists clients in meal planning for their body type in order to experience freedom from constant cravings, overeating as well as to support improved brain and body health.