How Gut Bacteria Influences Learning Ability & Focus


If your child struggles with learning or behaviour, we have to talk gut health.

You’ve likely heard your second brain is your gut. 

There are 100 billion neurons in the gut.

Many of your child’s neurotransmitters needed for learning, focus and emotional regulation are manufactured by the gut bacteria.

The antibiotics, digestive issues, eczema, allergies are all connected to your child’s brain health.

They are a sign of biochemical imbalance. 

It’s All Connected

Too often moms find themselves addressing their child’s individual challenges as if they are separate.

  • Creams for eczema
  • Stool softeners for constipation
  • Tutoring for reading difficulties

…and many of these can just prolong the problem or make it worse.

Which means your child still has tummy aches at 16 and falls further behind in school because tutoring doesn’t address the real reason your child can’t learn like their peers.

How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Child’s Brain

What neurologist, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride discovered in the 1980’s was children with learning disabilities and ADHD often had compromised gut health.

She found that:

  • Bad gut bacteria creates digestive issues and allows toxins that impair brain function to be absorbed by the blood and enter the brain.
  • Bacteria in your child’s gut manufactures many brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters needed for learning, focus, concentration and memory.

Gut Bacteria Manufactures a Ton of Neurotransmitters

If this is hard to wrap your mind around, consider how your child’s gut health might be affecting their brain.

Your child’s gut bacteria manufactures or regulates the following neurotransmitters.

  • Serotonin: 85% of serotonin is manufactured in the gut and impacts processing speed, memory, mood and sleep cycles.
  • Dopamine: Crucial for executive function, motor control, motivation and feelings of pleasure.
  • GABA: Assists with focus, mood, sleep and anxiety
  • Glutamate: Associated with intellectual disabilities and delays in physical development. 

Learn how healing gut health and optimizing brain chemistry naturally can help kids overcome learning and behaviour challenges by booking a free Clarity Call to learn more about our 6 month programs.

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