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How the Full Potential Academy is Different from Any Other Education & Behaviour Program on the Market


The #1 question people ask ALL the time is “What’s the cause of my child’s difficulties?”

It’s key to understand that your child’s difficulties are likely not caused by ONE thing.

So they can’t possibly be overcome by one approach.

This is why The Full Potential Academy is unique because it is a multi-therapy approach that addresses the various layers that cause breakdown with learning and behaviour.

We’re looking through various lenses and using a strategic approach BUT it’s all about customizing to your child’s bio-individual needs.

We go beyond tutoring, meds, IEPs and even trends like miracle supplements or rigid diets.

Our approach is unlike other programs because we don’t just do nutrition OR just brain work to exercise weak connections OR just neuro-technology.

We combine.

We know two truths about addressing the ROOT of learning and behaviour difficulties.

#1 You can’t get optimal results if you’re only addressing part of the problem.

#2 Timing is everything. You need to do these interventions in the correct sequence. 

You see, your child’s brain needs two things to overcome their difficulties.

Raw Materials like nutrition, identifying food sensitivities, detoxification and gut healing.

Once the brain has the raw materials to build new connections – we can get into the brain-building.

Brain Re-patterning goes beyond extra practice. No more working around a problem. 

We identify what connections are weak so we can find out why your child is working so much harder than their peers. 

… because there’s no such thing as ‘weak learners’ or ‘bad kids’.

… and when you rely on extra-practice, you’re just reinforcing faulty connections.

Once we know what’s weak we use neuro-developmental and cognitive exercises and technologies to retrain the brain.

We don’t just do a multi-therapy approach, we do right ACTION at the right TIME.

Many highly in-tune parents have tried some of the actions that builds the brain from the bottom up BUT they aren’t doing the actions in the correct sequence. 

The Full Potential Academy gives you the Better Brain Blueprint along with weekly coaching calls so you’re not doing it alone and it’s customized to your child’s unique needs.

This is how we help kids rise to the best version of themselves.

Want to learn more about our programs? Book a free Clarity Call.

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