Overcome learning & behaviour difficulties with a ROOT CAUSE approach so your child can stop relying on compensations.

Book a Functional Brain Screening

Overcome Learning & Behaviour Difficulties With A ROOT CAUSE Approach So Your Child Can Stop Relying On Compensations.

Book a Functional Brain Screening
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Move Beyond the Limitations of IEP's & Endless Tutoring. Target the ROOT CAUSE of Learning & Behaviour Struggles

The Brain Can Change

Which means your child can move beyond their limitations.

Instead of another tutor or strategy, your child needs brain building.

Your child is working so hard to learn and self-regulate because they have bio-chemical imbalances and weak connections in the areas necessary for good learning.

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Research Shows The Main Difference Between A Child Who Struggles In School And One Who Thrives Is OPTIMAL BRAIN CHEMISTRY And STRONG CONNECTIONS In Specific Areas Of The Brain.

Most programs focus on ‘practice-practice-practice’ OR just nutrition OR just brain building exercises.

We use a multi-therapy approach to enhance brain function using nutrition and neuroplastic therapies so your child can expand past their current limitations into their brightest future

The Brain-Body Approach 3 Step system

#1 Balance Brain Chemistry

Improve learning & emotional regulation naturally by addressing nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, detoxification and gut health all which impacts brain chemistry.

#2 Brain Building

Increase connectivity in the brain by strengthening weak and underdeveloped connections that are causing the breakdown so kids don't have to work so hard to learn and self-regulate.

Accelerate & Consolidate

Strengthen new connections and retrain the brain with cognitive exercises and neuro-technologies to optimize and solidify results making learning and behaviour difficulties a thing of the past.

Why Conventional Approaches Fail

Many approaches look at the problem through one lens and use one protocol for a diagnosis.

We identify what’s underneath the diagnosis through a comprehensive, functional brain screening that uncovers what weaknesses and imbalances are causing the challenge. This prevents relapses, fixating on a diagnosis or relying on compensations like IEPs, medication or tutoring.

We look at your child on a bio-individual level.

From there we design your custom Better Brain Blueprint to ensure we are doing Right ACTION at the Right TIME so your child can overcome their challenges and no longer needs accommodations.

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The Result? Confident, More Independent Learners! + Moms with Peace of Mind & More Free Time.

Programs are available in-person or online! Get started today!

What Moms Have To Say ...

“My daughter had many symptoms of Irlen syndrome as well as severe double dyslexia and dysgraphia and many symptoms of ADHD. After just a few weeks of the program, the symptoms started going away! She is now reading chapter books!”
North Dakota, USA
“Lorraine is amazing. At 16, my son had a hard time organizing himself, focusing and struggled academically. He is now 20, can organize himself and is finally out of his fight-or-flight response. My son just graduated college at the top of his class and got offered a full time job with a big animation studio. He is beyond excited!”
Kemptville, ON
“My son was 12 years old and was totally unable to read – he could read 5 words. Within 6 weeks or so his letter reversals disappeared and within three months he moved up 15 reading levels. His teachers said he became so much more confident at school and there were no more homework battles!”
Vankleek Hill, ON

Over 30 Years Of Research

The therapies used in our programs are backed by decades of research, peer-reviewed studies and testing with superior results.

From our functional nutrition frameworks to neuro-developmental exercises to our brain changing technologies.

We are all about evidence-based interventions for kids with learning and behaviour difficulties.


Results Our Clients See From a CORRECTIVE Approach:


Proven and tested programs that address the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, instead of providing band-aid solutions.

The Full Potential Academy

A Drug-Free, Multi-Therapy Program for overcoming difficulties related to Learning Disbilities, ADHD & Autism Spectrum

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Hi, I'm Lorraine

My programs help kids just like yours SUCCEED in school and in life, so they can live happier, healthier lives.  And that means YOU can lose the guilt, have peace in your home, and enjoy a renewed loving relationship with your child.

I combine my studies in Neuroplastic Learning Therapies with my 15+ years as an elementary teacher and my training as a Registered Nutritionist to address the root cause of your child’s challenges.  You receive proven, personalized solutions to get you and your child back on track.

Could Your Child Be Helped By My Programs?

Success Stories

She feels more confident because she can now read instructions and the best thing for us is that she has now found an author that she likes and has asked for these books to be included in her Christmas presents. Something that would have never occurred in the past. She is committed to keeping up her reading in the school holidays because she wants to begin next year as she finished this year – on a high!

-Adele’s Parents

Since Steve completed the program our whole family’s dynamics have changed including Steve’s outlook on learning. Going to school and any school related work was always a battle and we fought every morning and every evening–it was exhausting. Within 3 days of the Phase I sessions we started seeing a difference. For the first time in 5 years he did not argue about going to school. I WAS SHOCKED. From that day on it was just up hill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child does not need a diagnosis to begin the program. The program is designed to help those with any diagnosis or symptoms related to ADHD, autism spectrum, reading or learning delays, speech difficulties, expressive language challenges, sensory processing disorder, emotional regulation, ODD, anxiety and more. The research is irrefutable that the sooner children get the help they need–the better the results. Either way a diagnosis is irrelevant to the brain-body approach especially since many children often don’t meet all the criteria of a diagnosis and still struggle significantly with learning, reading or behaviour. Instead of labelling, the brain-body approach screens for underlying factors that contribute to learning and behaviour struggles such as nutrition, skipped milestones and poor brain organization.
Because this approach is not medical–the program is not covered under insurance policies. However, Registered Holistic Nutritionists are covered under several insurance companies so the portion of the program that involves nutritional consults may be covered. Although there are no guarantees, some parents are able to submit the receipts because they receive funding from the government for a child with an official diagnosis.

The brain-body approach looks beyond the limitations of labels and one-size-fits-all therapies. This program seeks to uncover and correct the root cause of why your child is struggling–and there’s almost always more than one!

An individualized approach which integrates various therapies helps parents to achieve real solutions in nurturing their child’s full potential. Once the assessment is complete and imbalances and deficiencies are identified, a customized plan that combines multiple therapies to address your child’s unique needs is developed. This assessment and plan looks at your child as a whole–rather than from a perspective of a label or a diagnosis. The brain-body approach is based on the most recent knowledge and research in educational therapy and functional medicine. Targeted nutrition and learning therapies are the starting point in transforming many of the common childhood disorders that are rising in epidemic proportions among children today.

Many current therapies just look at learning or behaviour difficulties through one angle. By just looking at nutrition, or just looking at sensory-motor development there will likely be results, but they will not be as transformative as an approach that screens from multiple angles. My education and background in both educational and corrective therapies and functional holistic nutrition enables me to see the whole picture and put all of these solutions together into one simple, easy-to-follow program that can have life changing results with as little effort as twenty minutes a day.

Educational therapy is focused on correcting underlying learning or behaviour glitches so that your child can actually overcome limitations and experience real success. Educational therapists are trained in how the brain learns, where and why learning or behaviour challenges originate and how to help promote changes in brain organization, memory, reading, learning ability and overall processing. The problem with many reading and learning programs is that they do not address or resolve the underlying reasons for learning difficulties or behaviour challenges.

Traditional remedial learning and reading programs like tutoring often teach around the problem and create strategies to manage a disorder rather than correcting the source of the problem. Unfortunately, remedial learning may at times cause more damage by re-enforcing “˜faulty’ connections. The answer to improving your child’s abilities is not always “˜more practice’. Certainly practice makes perfect when the right connections are in place. Rigorous, rote learning may not only strengthen the wrong connections but it often leads to mental exhaustion, lack of motivation and even potential failure.

Educational therapists assess and screen where the weaknesses and underlying problems reside so that the correct therapies can be applied to create strong corrections. When the right connections are in place learning takes place more naturally and confidence and motivation soars. Tutoring is focused on extra practice and homework and can help to improve grade levels but tutoring benefits are short-term. Tutors are not trained in therapies that help to improve the way the brain processes, retains and stores information.

Yes. Connections in the brain are made strong throughout the six month program. As long as healthy nutrition, regular movement, and cognitive stimulation that is typically a part of every child’s daily life, is occurring, then the brain will not only maintain healthy connections but will continue to create new ones through ongoing learning and stimulation. When I follow-up with parents long after their child has completed the program, they often tell me their child is continuing to improve academically and socially. When the right connections are in place, the brain can’t help but continue to build and grow!

Trusted and Accredited

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