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Help Your Child Step Into their Highest Potential


I get hate messages on social media because of my work.

People accuse me of not accepting children for who they are. 

They tell me I am being ‘ableist’ – that I’m prejudice.

…to quit changing someone into who they are not

How dare I

Let me be clear on two things:

#1 I will not accept a child struggling when they don’t have to.

…when there are REAL solutions.

I will not romanticise the living hell that so many kids and their parents go through on a daily basis in school and at home because ‘acceptance’ sounds nice.

I was that mother. I was that child. (More about that another day)

There is nothing loving, compassionate or helpful about pretending a struggle does not exist when it does.

I will not pretend those with learning disabilities do not have a significantly higher rate of suicide and poverty.

I will not pretend those with behaviour disorders have a higher rate of substance abuse, criminal activity and incarceration.

I will not ‘accept’ the reality of what these challenges bring.

I will help a child overcome these challenges. 

#2 Helping a child overcome a challenge is the furthest thing from trying to change who they are. 

I am not out to ‘fix’ or change who a child is. 

Just the opposite. 

I want to help a child rise to the highest version of who they were called to become in this world.

Their Full Potential.

Addressing the root cause of why a child is struggling doesn’t mean they are defective or inferior. 

It means there are certain factors that are causing daily struggles and breakdown and holding them back from becoming their highest selves. 

When we address weak connections in the brain, heal the gut and balance brain chemistry – we are NOT changing who a child is. 

We are in fact unblocking the very things that are preventing them from stepping into the highest version of themselves. 

We are removing the blocks that are making life so challenging on a day-to-day basis so that their gifts can truly shine.

The Full Potential Formula doesn’t change who a child is.

It expands their gifts and core essence so they can more fully become who they are. 

If you’re ready to learn how you can help your child rise to their highest self,  book a free Clarity Call.

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