Why the Wrong Practice Can Make Things Worse


You know what’s worse than not doing anything?

The WRONG practice.

Practice doesn’t always make perfect.

… sometimes it reinforces more of what you don’t want.

The other day I saw a meme that said “Repetition builds connections. It’s that simple.”

I kind of cringed inside.

Because this is absolutely true BUT it’s not always good.

Repetition is what creates bad habits and even addiction.

It’s why it takes more time to unlearn something than to learn it correctly the first time.

One of the key differences with kids who have learning difficulties is they have less connections in their brains and in the ‘wrong places’ compared to their neurotypical peers.

What if your kid is practising their little heart out and still working too hard to learn because they are strengthening and reinforcing the wrong connections?

… the very same ones that have been holding them back all along?

This is what causes these kids to feel like they are ‘dumb’ and can’t learn.

This is why extra practice can keep kids stuck and in some cases make things worse.

I see this a lot with kids who have learning difficulties and are in learning programs that focus mostly on practice and alternate learning strategies.

These kids create more and more compensations and they reinforce them with every hour of ‘extra practice’.

It’s why I caution parents about top-down approaches that don’t address the ROOT CAUSE.

This is why kids get stuck in a cycle of years on end of tutoring.

You must first address the underlying weaknesses in the brain.


… and lots of time (often years) and time doing band-aid approaches.

When a child has learning difficulties, the first thing you need to do is uncover the biochemical imbalances and weak connections that are the ROOT CAUSE.

Once those have been addressed your child can learn more easily and confidently.

That’s why I created the The Full Potential Formula because the first step MUST be balancing brain chemistry and strengthening weak connections in the brain.

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