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What REALLY Develops Your Child’s Brain


“I had no idea.”

There’s always that one thing you can’t believe you didn’t know.

I know being the highly in-tune, CEO mom you are that you already know your child’s brain absolutely needs:

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Quality Food
  • Sleep

… but do you know what ultimately DEVELOPS your child’s brain?

What builds the connections?

Sensory-motor stimulation.

The main difference between a struggling learning and a ‘star student’ is that the star student has more connections in their brain and it’s better organized.

The key to more connections is sensory-motor stimulation.

If you just feed your child’s brain quality food – they have the raw materials.

But the raw materials are just laying around waiting for sensory-motor stimulation to come along and build something.


Sensory-motor stimulation involves movement + stimulating the senses.

All that creeping, crawling, touching and tasting everything develops your child’s brain.

But kids miss these milestones for all kinds of reasons or they don’t do them long enough.

The key to better brain development is sensory-motor stimulation.

(And no it’s never too late)

Things you can do at home that are a great place to start are:

  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Visual Art (especially for those left brain ADHD/ASD kids)
  • Sports

But often this is not enough when there are missed milestones, delays, learning gaps, learning and behaviour difficulties.

This is where a targeted movement program is necessary because the brain develops in a very specific order.

The brain must be stimulated in the same order that it naturally develops.

When you do customized neuro-developmental movements combined with sensory stimulation via cognitive exercises and brain training technology, your child’s brain develops the CONNECTIONS to better learn, focus and regulate their emotions.

… and you’re no longer laying away trying to figure it out.

In my 6 month program we use a multi-therapy approach to addresses ALL the reasons why your child is working so hard to learn and focus (nutrition, toxicity, brain screening and brain building exercises)

This is how we create happy, confident kids.

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