September Resolutions – 8 Ways to Feel Full while Eating Healthier this Fall

IMG_0939September is the new January. Now that the kids are back to school and summer is unofficially over, many of us find ourselves setting new goals for the fall as we settle back  into a routine. Regularly exercising and eating healthier is often at the top of our resolution list.

What’s Your Cooking Style? – Learn to Love Time in the Kitchen

I mentioned in my last post, that each of us has our own unique cooking style. Many of us find ourselves in the 'mood' to cook one day and other days we'd rather do anything but be in the kitchen. If we are unknowingly creating conditions that go against our cooking style, then we might … Continue reading What’s Your Cooking Style? – Learn to Love Time in the Kitchen

The Joy of Cooking … or An Acquired Taste

Confession time. I was doing a consult with a woman the other day, explaining that in my opinion one of the most imperative, and often over-looked, requirements to eating healthy is getting back in the kitchen.  To this she said, 'yes, but it's easy to eat healthy when you love cooking.' I looked behind me, … Continue reading The Joy of Cooking … or An Acquired Taste

The Canadian Food Guide – Fat Phobia and other Causes of Obesity

ee-canadafoodguide[1]With regards to protein, there is a small triumph with Canada's Food Guide which now advises Canadians to eat less red meat and to instead choose lean meats, such as fish and chicken. Unfortunately, fat phobia is still ever present. A mountain of research indicates that fat is not the enemy with both obesity and cardiovascular health, but rather sugar and excess consumption of grains are the real culprit.

Canada’s Food Guide and Bone Health – Busting the Dairy Myth

file0001467476286The Canadian Food Guide has come under much scrutiny in recent years for being too high in dairy, red meat and insensitive to cultural differences. Thankfully, the Food Guide has gone through many modifications in the last decade. Many of the Food Guide's limitations, both in the past and today, is largely due to pressure upon politicians by the Wheat, Dairy and Meat industries.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail – Ditch the Resolution, Set an Intention

file000475058724I have been excited to write this post for awhile. In the last few months several people have shared their New Year’s Resolutions. Most of the resolutions I have heard are centered around diet, weight-loss and fitness. Is it any surprise that the most common New Year’s resolution is to diet? Many of us hold in mind those inspiring people who were a weight loss success and hope for the same ourselves this year. 

Skillpower to Wrap Your Mind Around Holiday Eating

1) Ditch Poverty Mentality - In my last post, I talked about using skillpower instead of willpower to eat well. We may be tempted to want to eat a lot during the holiday season because we fear missing out on such great food that isn’t around every day of the week, but is that really … Continue reading Skillpower to Wrap Your Mind Around Holiday Eating

Eating Well During the Holidays – Getting to the Root of the Matter

Despite the positive associations that the media portrays about the holiday season, the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. Between the shopping, spending and socializing with loved ones, as well with those who rub us the wrong way, the holidays can bring out our worst. While most of us manage not to ‘act out’, … Continue reading Eating Well During the Holidays – Getting to the Root of the Matter

The Sugar Detox: Day One

I felt really good about detoxing today. I was super excited. I gave Rog a list of groceries to kick start my detox yesterday. I basically followed the detox protocol that Sarah Wilson outlines in her book I Quit Sugar. She also developed adrenal issues and was diagnosed with Graves Disease (thyroid) as a result … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day One

Sugar: A Social Drug – The Detox Begins

My dear friend since childhood lovingly called me a health diva the other day when I told her I am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet. It seemed ridiculous even to me, considering anyone who has shared a meal with me knows I eat like a saint, but after my last doctor's appointment I … Continue reading Sugar: A Social Drug – The Detox Begins