The Sugar Detox: Day One


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI felt really good about detoxing today. I was super excited. I gave Rog a list of groceries to kick start my detox yesterday. I basically followed the detox protocol that Sarah Wilson outlines in her book I Quit Sugar. She also developed adrenal issues and was diagnosed with Graves Disease (thyroid) as a result of a childhood sweet tooth and a sugar addiction that lasted into adulthood until she got a wake up call with her diagnosis.

Her I Quit Sugar program advises eliminating all sugar to start–that includes honey, maple syrup and even fruit. No fruit is not evil, but because there is after all natural sugar in fruit it does raise blood sugar levels. Anyone with adrenal problems are especially warned not to consume fruit first thing in the morning. This allows your body the chance to overcome the sugar addiction that leaves you constantly craving everything from sweets to carbs. She assures that once the initial sugar cravings and sugar detox symptoms subside you will taste the subtle flavours and sweetness in all food. I know from previous experience in eliminating sugar and salt, that it is true that the more we consume on a regular basis, the more  everything else seems bland and tasteless.

Today I had eggs and avocado for breakfast, a salad from my garden (beets, lettuce, carrots) and a chicken vegetable stew for supper. I am also using Diane Sanfilippo’s book and cookbook “The 21 Day Sugar Detox” as a guide. She also advises to avoid all sweeteners as well as fruit for 21 days until you overcome the sugar addiction. Once you are past the 21 days you can start to eat fruit as well as such sweeteners as maple syrup in moderation.

So for the first day I didn’t experience any insane cravings. I was too psyched to start feeling better to even miss sweets or carbs and I don’t think the sugar beasties in my gut (yeast overgrowth and bad bacteria in the intestine that live off sugar) know what I am up to yet. I tried to drink lots of water with lemon to assist with the detox. I am fairly confident that I won’t experience any major withdrawal symptoms since my sugar intake was still relatively low. Hopefully, tomorrow goes as well.

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