It’s what you do after a psycho. ed evaluation that matters.

The biggest mistake I see moms make after a diagnosis is they stop there.

They think the psycho. ed evaluation has provided them with all the answers they can get about their child’s brain.

I’m not knocking these evaluations. BUT if you do get a diagnosis, you need to know their advantages and limitations.

The advantage is you finally get confirmation that you’re not crazy.

The problem has been identified.

You will also get recommendations on how the school can support your child as well as what you can do at home.

BUT you need to be aware that:

→ The problem has been identified not the root causes and what areas of your child’s brain are weak, underdeveloped or imbalanced.

→ Schools and even the most amazing of tutors are not trained to address these root causes.

Instead you need to keep digging for real solutions!

Since I’ve done the years of being up late researching, piecing all the puzzle pieces together – you don’t have to.

I’m going to tell you straight up what the ‘secret’ is:

#1 Start asking the WHY of everything. Even after you think you have found the root cause, dig deeper and ask WHY again.

#2 You need a bottom-up approach not a top-down approach.

Top-down approaches like IEPs, tutoring and meds are not bad but if you want your child to overcome their challenges you need to address the weak areas and imbalances in the brain.

Bottom up approaches involve screening for the underlying causes like:

→ Nutrition & Toxicity
→Weak brain connections
→ Imbalanced brain hemispheres
→ Blocked learning gates

This is why the next step needs to involve understanding what’s causing the breakdown.

Because the brain can change.

And once you know what areas are weak and imbalanced you can start on the path of corrective solutions.

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