Most moms can tell you the moment when they knew.

And if they pursue an official diagnosis, they’re rarely surprised at the results.

The grieving process and worry begin long before it’s official.

Whether it’s when you realise your 5-year-old is reading better than your 8-year-old

… all the other kids can sit still and yours can’t – there is THAT MOMENT.

You think, “I should have seen this sooner.”

“The signs were all there.”

Processing and accepting how your child is uniquely wired is a journey on its own.

It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

You think of all the things you should have done differently.

… and scrolling through your phone at 2 am for answers isn’t making you feel any better.

You follow the ‘list’ of all the things that you’re ‘supposed to do’ when your child has *insert problem here*.

But your child is not a problem to be fixed.

They are not their labels or challenges.

The minute you’re looking for a solution to a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis – you’re way off the map.

The diagnosis gives you an indication of what’s going on.

But your child is unique.

There are two ways to approach this:

#1 The old way: Line 10 kids up with dyslexia and use some ‘protocol’ for that label.

… you’ve got a recipe for failure.


#2 Look at each kid as a bio-individually unique person, find out what their strengths are, what areas of their brain has weak connections, and what areas are imbalanced bio-chemically

…. and you no longer have some diagnosis or challenge that needs to be ‘fixed’.

You have a unique kid with challenges that require some detective work to help uncover what THEIR needs are.

Every kid is different and there are many factors and causes that come into play that contribute to a diagnosis or a glitch.

The minute you stop treating a diagnosis and trying to ‘fix’

… and instead, start identifying and addressing one layer at a time, you’re focusing on your unique child.

When you do this you get to the root cause of what’s holding them back and you have a pathway to help your child rise to their highest self.

That’s why for a limited time, The Advanced Brain Screening is 50% off.

Not only do you get a comprehensive brain screening to find out what’s weak and imbalanced – you get a 1:1 consult with me to help you sort through the results and develop an actionable plan so your child can soar.

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