These are the top mistakes I see when people try to improve their child’s brain health through nutrition.

#1 – Supplements, Supplements and More Supplements

Constant trial and error of supplements to fix a problem rather than using targeted supplements for your child’s bio-individual needs to heal the root cause. 

Monitoring what’s happening and adjusting is key.

#2 – Restrictive Diets

Restrictive Diets like going gluten, dairy and corn free because you heard it’s healthy.

Instead you’re struggling with not being able to stick with it and feeling like a failure, kids who resent the new diet and potentially exasperating nutritional deficiencies because now you’ve eliminated even more foods.

Instead you should focus on NOURISHMENT and crowding out what you don’t want. 

#3 – Skipping Drainage and Detox

Detoxing or doing yeast or parasite protocols before you have opened the drainage pathways. 

Would you declutter your closets if you knew you couldn’t haul the junk out of the room? 

That’s exactly what skipping drainage is like. 

Drainage and detox is a critical first step.

#4 – Over-Simplifying Gut Healing

Thinking gut health is all about probiotics and killing off bad bacteria instead of going deep into finding out what’s irritating your child’s microbiome and what’s causing & feeding the imbalanced gut bacteria.

Healing the gut must start with finding out what caused the imbalance in the first place. 

Skip the Trends and Get Bio-Individual

When you over-simplify based on trends or skip crucial steps, it can leave you always chasing a new trend and constantly searching when you didn’t get the results you hoped for.

… and this can leave you and your child feeling frustrated and stuck in the same place. 

The key is the right action at the right time AND bio-individual approaches – because every child has unique needs!

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