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The Sugar Detox: Day 2


file000748293917I am a little surprised at how strong my sugar cravings were today. I felt like the entire day was being run by my appetite though I didn’t succumb to my sweet tooth. If I felt hungry I ate avocados or sunflower butter. When we have sugar cravings, protein and fat is the best way to curb them and often what our body actually needs. I felt like I constantly wanted to be eating but paused to check in and rate my hunger on a scale from 1 to 7 (to learn more see my post Mindful Mealtime Practices and Replace Overeating with Conscious Eating ). My hunger was always at a 1 or 2 meaning I was not really hungry at all. I have been eating lots of salads and stews combined with sufficient protein (chicken, fish, eggs).

I also noticed my digestion is off today as well as how dead tired, exhausted I am. I felt light headed at certain points and had the odd dizzy spell which I know is likely my blood sugar trying to regulate and get used to the sudden drop in sugar intake. Protein is what we actually need when our blood sugar is low which is why I have made a point to ensure that I am eating enough protein at every meal and not merely living off vegetables. My husband does call me the vegetable nut after all…

The other ‘symptom’ that I noticed today was that I definitely felt irritable over just about anything today. I think Rog might have had to bare the brunt of that. Thanks baby. All in all, the few detox symptoms I am experiencing shows just how much this sugar detox was needed.

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