The Sugar Detox: Day 3


Today I experienced some pretty insane symptoms which if you read Day 1, you will know that I started out with a fairly optimistic attitude that I would not have any major symptoms. I am still feeling really irritable today and the fatigue is unbelievable. My first clue that something was off was when my daughter and I went for a walk this morning after breakfast (Green Goodness Smoothie–minus the fruit) and I had to tell her to turn around after about five minutes because my muscles were so weak. I felt exhausted!

I haven’t had this kind of fatigue since I was first diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency (as well as when I was pregnant). By afternoon I was so tired you would think I had run a marathon and partied all night. I am being gentle with myself and making a point to rest even if sleeping is impossible with a five-year-old. I guess by this point my body has figured out that I have decided to ditch the white stuff and is trying to deal with the detox.

ch6456nfcm546pn6578798076wfrI also had two other gross symptoms today; two bouts of the runs as well as a furry coating of ‘gunk’ on my tongue when I woke up this morning. This is quite common during a detox. Toxins will try to come out in anyway when they are given the opportunity.

My cravings were out of this world yesterday evening. During the day my cravings had seemed to subside. However, I had made a point to keep busy by gardening and doing work around the house. The less I am sitting and thinking about it the better. Evenings are terrible for cravings for a lot of people since this is often when we sit down to relax and unwind; this is where the habit of eating out of boredom sets in and engraves itself in our brains. Being less busy is when we quiet down enough to have to face our ‘issues’ and we tend to eat as a way of either avoiding our emotions or everyday stresses–often unconsciously.

My skin is breaking out around my forehead near my eyes which is not surprising as this indicates liver congestion–our body’s main filter. I am also breaking out on my chin near the edge of my lips which is an indication of intestinal toxicity. Sugar is notorious for feeding the bad bacteria in our intestines which causes it to further proliferate and also results in yeast overgrowth. As much as these breakouts are reminding me of years of trying to control acne, this is actually a good sign. The skin is the body’s secondary filter when the liver is overburdened. Mine is naturally overburdened at the moment as it is experiences a sudden increase in toxins being released from my cells as I ‘help’ it along with lemon juice and other liver detoxing vegetables as outlined in How to Spring Clean Your Liver.)

Okay I am telling myself the third day is the worst and that tomorrow I will much better. Here’s to hoping.

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