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The Sugar Detox: Day 4 -7


file0001669748905Day 4: I experienced a lot less cravings today and my fatigue has greatly decreased. My sore throat is almost completely gone and my energy is also increasing. It is a relief to finally experience a feeling of wellness from the changes I have made.

Day 5: Today is the first day that I feel great. I have always noticed that the first sign that I am on the right track with my health is when I wake up with energy. In just a few short days, it seems that the low blood sugar I was experiencing has resolved itself. I have been making a point to ensure that along with vegetables that I am consuming protein at every meal to help support my adrenals and stabilize my blood sugar. My cravings have pretty much ended though I know that the minute there is any stress, I am fairly confident that the cravings will return in some form.

Day 6: I feel like I really have nothing to report on as this sugar detox continues which is great to be honest, considering how awful I felt in the beginning. The increased energy I experienced today was amazing. I went for an extra long walk and then came home and did some yoga. My skin is clearer and healthier looking than it has been in weeks and my eyes appear brighter and less tired looking. Digestion is much improved no pain or bloating during or after meals.

Day 7: My energy is still stable today. My thinking is also clearer this is always a positive  ‘side-effect’ that I forget about. It is amazing how blood sugar fluctuations can not only affect your physical well-being, but mental well-being as well. I suppose it would seem only natural that mental clarity would be a side-effect of increased energy, but it’s often something we forget about. As great as I feel I am still aware that this is the honeymoon period and that the temptation to avoid all sweets will not be easy the minute I start doing any amount of socializing. Of course as I have said before, my goal is not to avoid sugar for the rest of my life that would be impossible and ridiculous. Initially, however, I know this is something that I have to do. Eventually, my goal is to allow myself to consume very small amounts of sugar (a sliver of cake) when at parties or get-togethers. While I won’t keep posting a day-to-day journal, I will keep my readers updated on my journey to ‘quit sugar’ (most of the time).

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