Yoga Poses for Upper Body Strength

Painting by Ron Gravel
Painting by Ron Gravel

1) Triangle – This is a good warm-up because it opens up the chest and shoulders and creates overall flexibility in the body.

2) Cat Cow – This helps with spinal health which includes the neck a part of the upper body that is often overlooked.

3) Sea-Saw Shoulder Exercise – Warm-ups shoulder muscles, strengthens and tones shoulders.

4) Twists  – This stretches the shoulders and arms.

5) Wheel – Develops flexibility in the shoulders as well as arm strength.

6) Camel Shoulder Strength – Stretches and strengthens the shoulders, strengthens arms

7) Bridge – Strengthens the arms and shoulders.

8) Archer Pose – Strengthens the shoulders.

9) Plank – Strengthens arms, wrists and shoulders.

10) Yoga Elbow Platform Pose – Strengthens the shoulders and triceps.

11) Deep Squats – Strengthens shoulders

12) Downward Dog – Develops the nerves throughout the body especially the arms, legs and spine.

13) The Crane – Strengthens arms, wrists and shoulders.

14) The Shoulder Stand – Strengthens shoulders and massages neck.

15) Three Legged Dog

16) Sage

17) Crow – This is not for beginners

18) Upward Facing Dog

19) Side Plank Pose

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