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Yoga Poses for Digestion

Painting by Ron Gravel
Painting by Ron Gravel

1. Forward bend – This improves and rejuvenates the entire digestive system (all organs) as well as promotes spontaneous healing

2. The Cat Cow

3. The Cobra – Improves digestion and elimination

4. The Bridge

5. Spinal twists

6. The Camel

7. The Plough

8. The Crow

9. The Boat

10. The Locust

11. The Stretch Pose

12. The Downward Dog

13. The Bow Pose

14. The Wheel Pose

15. The Yoga Lotus Pose

16. See the liver detox sequence as a proper functioning liver is essential to good digestion. This sequence helps to expel gas, reduce bloating, and cure constipation and other digestion issues.

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