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How the Brain-Body Approach Can Improve Learning & Behaviour


The Short Cut to Improving Learning and Behaviour

If your child is struggling with learning or behaviour, it does not mean they have a ‘bad brain’. Contrary to popular belief, ‘star students’ are not born – their brains have strong connections in areas of the brain that enable successful learning. School struggles can simply indicate your child’s brain is untrained in the areas of memory, attention and processing speed. There are no bad brains just ‘bad’ connections.

There are various reasons strong neural connections may be lacking: skipping a developmental milestone, lacking key brain nutrients or brain inflammation due to an unhealthy gut flora can all be factors.

For example, a child with weak auditory processing may have difficulty remembering information for a test, easily forgets words or information on a page or may have difficulty following directions because the list of items overtaxes their auditory system.

You may notice they have a hard time completing what appears to be simple tasks and they are prone to disorganization all because poor connections in their auditory system is causing breakdown. Imagine their overwhelm! What appears as misbehaviour or carelessness can actually be the result of poor auditory processing.

Each brain and body is different in terms of how it processes everything from food to information. A brain that is untrained or lacking key brain nutrients will certainly have difficulties functioning optimally. This can be changed with a brain-body approach which involves nourishing and strengthening weak connections.

Transforming learning and behaviour challenges starts with:

1) Nutrition – Nourishing the brain with the correct nutrition to promote optimal brain function so your child can better learn, process, focus and be more resilient to stress.

2) Learning Therapies – Re-training the brain through learning therapies that focus on changing the way the brain processes, organizes and stores information and reacts to stressors.

It’s Not the Brain You Have – It’s the Brain You Create

When the right connections are in place learning takes place more naturally and confidence and motivation soars. Targeted nutrition and learning therapies are the starting point in transforming cognitive disorders.

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