Causes of Dyslexia

If you’re confused about the cause of dyslexia, you’re not alone. There are dozens of theories all claiming to find the ‘real’ reason why certain people are dyslexic. The true is that there are many variables and understanding them can be key to overcoming dyslexia.

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The Gift of Dyslexia

Think that dyslexia is all bad? Think again. Individuals with dyslexia use their brain differently and therefore have incredible gifts and abilities. Some of the world’s most successful and intelligent people are dyslexic–and their success is due to dyslexia not in spite of it!

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A twelve week program that is designed specifically for the dyslexic brain. Neural re-training software and exercises create changes in the brain so that individuals with dyslexia are reading from the same part of the brain as typical readers. Studies have found that the average student improves 2 grade levels in 2 just weeks!

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