How Music and Sound Therapy Improves Learning & Behaviour


Not twenty minutes after I did a Facebook LIVE on music therapy last week, did Trisha email me to say she was feeling totally hopeless.

She said that she had tried having her daughter listen to Mozart and there was some improvement but nothing like what I was describing.

That’s because listening therapy is so much more than music and the technology involves much more than what a regular set of headphones provides.

Not Your Average Headphones

The music with listening therapy headphones is processed with neuro-acoustic modifications and they have bone conduction among other bells and whistles.

Bone conduction is lower frequency and targets the vestibular system and lower brain levels. This combined with the high frequency music by Mozart increases brain activity and therefore higher order processes like executive functioning.

The Brain Building Features

These headphones improve auditory processing since they only allow certain frequencies through a filter at certain times which allows for selective training of the auditory cortex. This is important to ensure that the various aspects of auditory processing are individually targeted and improved.

These headphones can help to train the brain to filter out distractions via a feature known as ‘gating’ in which the muscles in the middle ear must  continuously tighten and relax as the ear is exposed to both high and low frequencies. This feature makes these muscles stronger and makes it easier for a child to filter unwanted sounds.

Preventing the Brain from Getting Lazy Is Key

The dynamic filter keeps the brain interested by surprising it and therefore keeping it alert and focused. This encourages the brain to create more complex pathways which allows for the brain and body to be better organized.

The result is improved speech fluency, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, motor and cognitive skills as well as better focus and emotional regulation.

You will never hear me claim any product, therapy or approach is a ‘miracle cure’ which is why these headphones form a part of my programs in conjunction with sensory-motor development and stimulation as well as balancing the brain’s bio-chemistry via nourishment and gut healing.

Sound Therapy Accelerates Neuroplasticity

That being said, I often suggest parents do the sound frequency therapy because in clinical practice this sound therapy seems to accelerate the development of weak connections in the brain and boost confidence like nothing else.

Are you looking for a multi-therapy approach that will propel your child past their apparent limitations so they can learn, focus, be more independent and ultimately regain their confidence? If that voice in your head is screaming ‘YES!’ then book a free Clarity Call.

Wishing you and your family Health & Wholeness,