Mind-Body Eating – An Introduction to Developing a Mindful Eating Practice – Leave the Diets Behind

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Mind-Body Eating Dig Deep and Get to the Root

Mind-Body eating seeks to re-establish the mind-body connection so that you can use your own inner-guidance system to listen to your body and direct your food choices. You are the author of your eating. I am not the guru or the expert you are. In my 8 week ‘All About You Mind-Body Eating Program’, I help you to discover an eating style that is optimal for your unique body-type, your needs and your preferences.

Why diets fail and are not aligned with the mind-body connection:

Diets trick your body into believing there is a famine. Deprivation of calories, nutrients and pleasure triggers your mind to tell your body that it’s not safe to lose weight. We need to feel full on all levels. If we are emotional or binge eaters, diets only exasperate these behaviours. We feel further deprived and punished and then we ultimately rebel.  Diets teach us that we shouldn’t listen to our body’s signals and our mind can’t be trusted to make sound decisions and so we must follow the diet and obey the ‘rules’.  Diets are invented by the mind of someone else who has no understanding of your mind-body needs. What is more is that the people who create diets are usually also disconnected from their own bodies.

Mind-Body Eating Heals the Separation by:

  • Addressing the root cause of weight gain. I look at the why, how and when we eat, not just what we are eating.
  • Examining dysfunctional habits, core beliefs, patterns, and emotions that affect your eating.
  • Uncovering what is absent from your life or what unfulfilled dreams are fueling the dysfunctional behaviours and thoughts
  • Learning why you use food for in-the-moment comfort to mask your longing for the BIG stuff in life.
  • Identifying why your may body resist weight-loss or a state of health because it does not feel safe to let go of excess weight. For example, job stress essentially can be interpreted by the brain as a fear of losing money or downsizing. All of this translates to your primitive brain and subconscious that there is a threat to your resources. Famine mode kicks in causing your body to hang onto fat and inspiring cravings (which would motivate you to hunt and forage for food).

Mind-Body Eating addresses mental starvation. If you’re starving for affection, joy or love then your mind can still interpret this as starvation. Everyone’s mind and body is different and reacts differently to stress. If you are unable to lose weight even on a diet and exercise program, then you might have to dig deeper.

Finding your joy and purpose in life instead of in food is at the heart of the ‘All About You Mind-Body Eating Program‘.

Accomplish weight loss without restriction and deprivation. Willpower is finite. Learn self-love and skill power.

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