Coconut Candy Cherry Ripple Bark

Snacks and Desserts
Snacks and Desserts

This recipe is an adaptation of Sarah Wilson’s ‘Raspberry Ripple’ in her I Quit Sugar Cookbook. It is a raw, dairy and gluten-free treat. It is similar to my Coconut Blueberry Bark. It is great for satisfying a craving for dessert while giving you the good fats that are essential for so many functions like hormone balance and mental health.

1/2 cup cherries
3/4 cup flaked unsweetened coconut
1/2 cup coconut oil
5 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons cacao or carob powder
3 tablespoons maple syrup or your desired sweetener such as honey or stevia

Cooking Instructions:
1. Place parchment paper in a baking pan or plate.
2. Spread the cherries and flaked coconut on the plate.
3. Melt the oil and butter in a pot over low-medium heat, then add cacao or carob powder as well as maple syrup.
4. Pour the mixture over the berries and coconut and place it in the freezer for 40 minutes to an hour.
5. Once it has hardened, you can take it out and cut off pieces. I like to eat it directly out of the freezer, but my daughter prefers to wait 10-15 minutes until the ‘pie’ has thawed some.