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Nutrition Programs (scroll down for detailed outlines):

Nutrition to Boost Brain Function for Children with ADHD, LD, ASD etc.

Your Best Body & Brain Weight-Loss Program ““ Six Months to Recover from Emotional Eating, Self-Sabotage & Food Addiction

 It’s NOT All In Your Head ““ A Holistic Approach to Mental Health: A 6 Month Program (7 sessions) in Supporting Brain Health through Food Therapy & Lifestyle


Nutrition for Learning Disorders,  ADHD, Autism and other Cognitive Disorders

This program helps to support brain health by addressing environmental factors such as:

  • Nutritional deficiencies (omega 3, 6, 9’s, zinc, B6, magnesium) for various reasons such as poor diet, child being a fast metabolizer, malabsorption due to poor digestion, leaky gut etc.
  • Undetected food allergies that conventional allergy tests do not detect since they only detect IgE reactions, not IgA, IgG, IgM.
  • Additives and preservatives in food (food colouring, sweeteners, chemicals)
  • Blood sugar irregularities
  • Insufficient sleep (both quantity and quality)
  • Need for stress management tools that are effective and appropriate for children
  • Lack of exercise ““ at least 60 minutes of sustained daily exercise is imperative for many of these children
  • Imbalance in gut flora due to antibiotics, excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption, chlorinated water and other environmental factors
  • Overstimulation from electronics (TV, computer and video games, tablets-iPads ect.)Underdevelopment of certain areas in the brain ““ the brain is plastic and can be changed with specific brain exercise.

A holistic approach includes:

  • Dietary assessment and recommendations unique to your child’s health needs (eliminating processed food, sugar, etc.)
  • Meal plan and substitutes for child’s favourite, but possible “˜toxic’ food
  • Identifying food allergies and sensitivities that could be impacting your child’s brain health
  • Possible supplement recommendations (ie. fish oil capsules)
  • Lifestyle assessment and recommendations
  • Brain exercises and visualization exercises that have clinically been proven to change the brain and to help your child’s amygdala be less reactive to stimuli and situations
  • Healing the gut microbiome and lining and populating the gut with beneficial bacteria and starving the bad “˜guys’
  • Daily exercise plan (finding a form of physical activity that your child enjoys)


Your Best Brain & Body Weight-Loss Program – Six Months to End Emotional Eating, Self-Sabotage & Food Addiction

Your Best Body Program is a 6 month journey.

What You Get:

  • 1 initial 90 minute assessment, goal setting and planning session
  • 7 additional 60 minute sessions over a six month period
  • 1 free copy of my book True to Yourself Eating: A Program in Learning How to Achieve Your Best Body valued at $24.95
  • 1 complimentary cookbook valued at $30
  • Meal planning with recipes
  • Your Best Body toolkit which includes dry erase weekly menu planning chart, printable grocery store lists, Hunger Scale Chart & Diffuse the Craving Escape Plan

Plus 3 Bonuses:

  • Sugar Intervention Manual valued at $44.00
  • Nutritional deficiency assessment valued at $30.00
  • Body system assessment to determine what organs (like the thyroid) require nutritional support to move you further along your weight-winning journey. Valued at $15.00

This program will help you:

♥Address the root cause of weight gain by examining your relationship to food and eating. Look at the why, how and when we eat, not just what we are eating.

♥Learn about the neuro-psychology of certain foods and eating, how they affect your body’s ability to regulate appetite and cravings, the addictive and therapeutic properties of specific foods.

♥Learn how you can heal an injured metabolism and support gut health in order to facilitate weight-loss.

♥ Understand how healing the gut flora and lining is essential to manage cravings and regulate moods that could be driving the cravings.

♥Examine dysfunctional habits, core beliefs, patterns, and emotions that affect your eating.

♥Design an individualized eating plan that is based on your needs, your body-type, your preferences and your intentions. Receive weekly meal plans.

♥Uncover what is absent from your life or what unfulfilled dreams are fueling the dysfunctional behaviours and thoughts. Learn to fill up on LIFE not food.

♥Accomplish weight loss without restriction and deprivation. Willpower is finite. Learn self-love and skill power.

♥Practice and improve strategies that foster healthy habits, instead of creating restrictions by layering new tools one week at a time.

The Your Best Body Weight-Loss Program is an 8 module program that has been carefully constructed into several phases which will allow you to layer new information, habits and strategies into your life. The phases are exploration, connection, application, reflection, troubleshooting and continuity.

Module 1″“ “˜It’s not You: It’s the Diet’ ““ Why Diets Don’t Work, BUT what they teach YOU. – Failed Diets and Mindfulness – Uncover what lessons and insights lie in your past ‘failed’ diets.

Lifestyle re-alignment – Transcend excuses – Set healthy intentions, address main challenges and strategize. Learn what habits and routines set you up for success.

Module 2 ““ Meal Planning that’s All About YOU – Find YOUR True North – Instead of following someone else’s program–create your own individualized eating plan and style based on YOUR goals, YOUR needs, YOUR preferences, and YOUR body type.

Biochemistry and Bio-individual Nutrition – The fallacy of counting calories, resetting your metabolism, determining your body type & metabolic type so you can discover the optimal eating plan and food for YOUR health.

Module 3 – Mindful Eating ““ It’s in the Research: Mindfulness Beats Diets Every Time – The Science of Mindfulness – Learn about the psycho-biology of mindfulness, its effect on metabolism, the 6 pillars of True to Yourself Eating and how to diffuse cravings. Bring awareness into all aspects of your relationship to food.

Module 4 ““ What is Your Relationship to Food & Eating? – Learn the associations you hold with specific foods and how they began. Uncover your trigger situations and foods. Discover how you unconsciously use food in your life to manage emotions, stress and transitions.

Self-sabotage – Examine the various ways that we self-sabotage our eating and other positive changes in our life.

Module 5 ““ Healing the Mind-Body Disconnect  ““ The Link Between your Thoughts, Beliefs and Biology – Body scanning, training your mind to tune into hunger, satiety and cravings–and to know the difference between the three.

Neuroplasticity and Weight-Loss – Reset your brain and rescue it from famine mode so you can increase metabolism and moderate appetite.

Module 6 ““ Skillpower not Willpower – Cravings and Emotional Eating ““  Relapse Recovery – The Neuroscience and Psychology behind Willpower – Learn the truth about willpower, how to keep it topped up and how skill power is a game changer.

Developing Emergency Action Plan – Examine and reflect on what works and what doesn’t. Foster a support system and learn how to stay on track with eating during stress and crisis.

Module 7 ““ Food Therapy – Therapeutic Food Foods that increase energy, stabilize blood sugar, curb cravings and heal metabolism.

Allergenic Food ““ The food you crave most could be allergenic AND the reason you can’t control your appetite. Examining individual food allergies.

Addictive Food – Food engineers are hired by corporations to hijack your palate and your brain. Learn what food has an opiate effect on the brain and how it leaves virtually everyone vulnerable to food addiction and binging.

Module 8 ““ Let’s Get Practical ““ Tips, Tricks and Substitutes and Consolidation – What is Real Food? Never restrict or deprive again. Eat what you love, love what you eat. Learn all about the realities and myths of trendy and ‘super’ foods as well as how to prepare them.

Consolidation and Continuity – Anchor core learnings from the program to ensure continued growth as you move forth with your relationship to food.

Investment Payment Options:

 4 payments of $197.00 a month for 6 months of one-on-one coaching




$747.00 for 6 months of one-on-one coaching

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It’s NOT All In Your Head – A Holistic Approach to Mental Health: A 6 Month Program (7 sessions) in Supporting Brain Health through Food Therapy & Lifestyle

Depression? Anxiety? Mood swings? It seems no matter where you turn nowadays, psychiatry has steady stream of new research further confirming the brain-gut connection. Even if you are eating a relatively healthy diet, if your gut health is compromised then all the good food in the world cannot be properly digested, assimilated and absorbed for you to benefit from it’s nutrients.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts on mental health you will know that science now makes a strong and direct link between our mental health and what we eat, the quality of our sleep, our fitness levels as well as our gut health. Find out what’s really eating you and how a holistic approach to depression and anxiety can significantly change your mind. Literally!

You have probably heard about seratonin and how it is key in keeping depression and anxiety at bay. But did you know that 95% of it is not produced in the brain, but in the gut? That’s why so many people continue to struggle with depression and anxiety even while taking medication.

  • 1 initial 90 minute assessment
  • 6 additional sessions @ 60 mins. each (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Meal planning with recipes
  • Your Best Body toolkit which includes dry erase weekly menu planning chart, printable grocery store lists, Hunger Scale chart & Cash in the Craving Escape Plan 
  • 1 complimentary cookbook valued at $30
  • Assessment of how your current health status as well as diet may be impeding your mental health.
  • Learn which foods are effective at stabilizing mood, stimulating such chemicals as seratonin, dopamine and GABA
  • Find out which foods contribute to depression and anxiety by depleting nutrients, damaging the gut lining, feeding harmful gut bacteria, killing beneficial bacteria, triggering blood sugar spikes and creating overall inflammation.
  • Balance your gut flora and heal and support the integrity of your gut lining.

A holistic approach to mental health has five components:

  1. Food – Eat food that brings you up and avoid the food that brings you down.
  2. Exercise – Exercise is your happy hormone pump. Construct a plan that works for your life.
  3. Lifestyle – Amount and quality of sleep, work related stress, hobbies, family and other social relationships.
  4. Supplements – Customized supplement recommendations based on your needs.
  5. The Mind – Learn stress management techniques, bring awareness to and question your thoughts and work through emotions in order to release them. Create new neural pathways by changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits.

*Skype or in person