3 Months to a Star Student & Happier Kid

A 3 Month Program to a Confident, More Successful Learner and a Happier, Calmer Kid!

Results of the Program

  • Increased reading fluency of up to 15 reading levels and better overall ability to learn
  • Confident and more motivated kid in class
  • Increased focus and better working memory.
  • Happier, calmer kid. Less school yard fights and homework battles!
  • More QUALITY family time and more time for self-care for MOM!


  • 4 Modules
  • Reading & Learning Assessment
  • Screening for development of lower brain levels
  • Weekly Appointments
  • Check-In Emails
  • PDF Handouts
  • Recipes, Cookbook & Meal Plans
  • 8-15 weeks of Learning Therapy (depending on your child’s needs)

A three month program consisting of five 60 minute consults to address nutrition and lifestyle plus 10-25 hours of learning therapy (depending on the learning therapy that best meets your child’s needs).

Module 1 – Food as Fuel for Better Learning & Behaviour

You’ll learn how food can either nourish or starve your child’s brain and what foods and supplements improves your child’s ability to learn, focus, regulate emotions and sleep. Learn how the health of the gut is the health of the brain and the step-by-step protocol to heal the gut so that you can improve your child’s learning and behaviour.

You Get:

  • Nutritional deficiency assessment so that we can identify if your child is lacking nutrients that are critical for brain function.
  • Assessment of organ system imbalances to determine how gut health may be impacting learning and behaviour, how impaired liver detoxification may contribute aggression and moodiness and how overall digestive function may be contributing to nutrient malabsorption.
  • PDF of top brain foods and the main brain busters so that you better know what foods are triggering poor learning ability and behaviour and which foods help to improve learning and behaviour.
  • Step-by-Step Gut Healing Protocol to heal the brain-gut connection so that you can heal what is known as the root cause of learning and behavioural challenges.
  • Elimination diet protocol to address allergies and food sensitivities/intolerances so that you know which foods may be triggering hyperactivity, inattentiveness, poor concentration and even letter reversals!
  • Individualized and specific supplement suggestions based on your child’s unique needs (if required) so that you can address deficiencies and heal the gut all of which affects brain function.

Module 2 – Get in the Kitchen

You’ll learn how to meal plan healthy meals and snacks that your kids will love, how to make time for meal-prep time, time saving strategies and healthy ‘cheats’ as well as how to address social situations from birthdays to restaurants.

You Get:

  • Better Brain Recipe Book with recipes, healthy and tasty snack ideas and a meal planner so that meal planning and prep is easy and do-able in your busy life!
  • PDF restaurant options & PDF socialization strategies so that you know what foods are safe to eat, how to handle awkward social situations and how to avoid eating brain busting foods.

*Bonus: Sugar Intervention Guide (valued at $37)

Module 3 – Habit Hacker

You’ll learn how lifestyle changes can help your kids be calmer, happier and more able to learn AND how to get them to buy into earlier bedtimes, drink more water, schedule homework, less screen time and increased activity and free-play.

You Get:

  • Lifestyle questionnaire and assessment to better understand what lifestyle habits could be triggering behaviour and learning challenges in your child.
  • Easy Bedtime PDF so that you have tools to ‘sleep-train’ your child so they are rested and better able to learn and deal with daily challenges.
  • No Hassle Homework PDF & Rewards Charts to create a shift in your child’s attitude towards homework.
  • Daily planner and checklist to ensure that morning and evening routines are less stressful so  that your child can start their morning on the right foot and go to sleep with no drama!

Module 4 – Star Student Brain Changer

You’ll learn about how basic cognitive imbalances and instabilities are affecting your child’s daily behaviour, ability to learn, read, as well as their mood. Now that your child’s brain is nourished–the fun begins with learning therapy where you can witness your child transform into a star student!

You’ll Get:

  • Screening your child for underdevelopment of the key lower brain functions so that we can identify the root cause and how best to improve or correct them.
  • Reading assessment and screening for eye tracking abilities, auditory processing and phonemic awareness to determine the main source of challenges with their reading difficulties.
  • 8-15 week Reading and/or Learning Therapy (based on your child’s unique needs) that helps to re-organize the way the brain reads, processes and stores information so that the cause is addressed and you don’t have to pay for years of tutoring (AKA- extra practice that doesn’t change the brain!)
  • Regular and FUN done-for-you homework to help re-inforce what takes places during the learning therapies sessions to ensure weak brain connections are made strong!