How the Cellfield Reading Intervention Works


Cellfield is a scientific reading intervention program that is specifically designed to create changes in the dyslexic brain. The program was founded on the findings that the brain can change and heal called neuroplasticity. Thus Cellfield is a unique reading  program because its goal is to overcome dyslexia and reading struggles rather than simply manage them. The program creates new neural (or brain) connections that are essential for the ability to read and comprehend.

How it Works:

It uses computer software such as eye tracking exercises and phonetic re-training which bonds auditory functions to the visual in the brain. This makes decoding and comprehension automatic instead of laborious. Cellfield develops and strengthens the left hemisphere brain activity, which good readers use when reading. The strongest Cellfield treatment outcome is phonological processing – the ability to decode unfamiliar words.

Studies have found that the average student improves 2 grade levels in just two weeks and more after twelve weeks! Before and after brain imaging has shown that before the program, struggling readers were reading from Broca’s area of the brain. After Cellfield neural re-training, brain imaging showed that they were reading from the same part of the brain as typical readers the parieto and occipito area of the brain.

Cellfield is beneficial for:

  • Whose reading age appears to have reached a plateau and falls further and further behind their chronological age with each passing year.
  • Who are screened as having symptoms of dyslexia.
  • Who are assessed as having language disorders.
  • Who have difficulty in repeating orally given instructions.
  • Who have poor reading, spelling and writing skills.
  • Who have adequate phonological skills but not the required reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension.
  • Who read at an age appropriate rate but cannot recall what they read.
  • Whose reading is normal but feel discomfort or suffer from fatigue.
  • Who have poor working memory.
  • Who feel uncomfortable looking at black letters on white paper.
  • Who have eye movement control problems.

What are the Benefits?

Participants in the Cellfield program will reap benefits including:

  • Improved Auditory Processing Speed
  • Improved Visual Processing Speed
  • Bond Auditory and Visual Functions
  • Increased Working Memory Capacity
  • Improved Eye Movement Control
  • Improved Attention
  • Improved Motivation
  • Synchronized data

Who can Benefit?

Research on the Cellfield Program has found that students ages 6 and up benefit from the program.

How Long does it Take?

Cellfield Program is a 12-week program excluding assessments and eye examination.

For more information about to register for the Cellfield reading program, please contact Lorraine Driscoll at 613-330-9254

Additional information about The Cellfield Reading Intervention Program:

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