Nutrition Programs to Boost Brain Function

Nutrition to Boost Brain Function is ideal if you or your child is living with a learning difference, ADHD or autism spectrum and there is no requirement for the Cellfield Reading Intervention for dyslexia. This program is ideal for those who are in need of food therapy to support and improve brain function through such protocols as gut healing and repair,  addressing food allergies, toxicity and nutrient deficiency. Food therapy, particularly gut healing, has enabled many individuals to significantly alleviate if not heal neurological disorders like dyslexia, ADHD and even autism.

Nutritional Therapy (3 or 6 month program)

Environmental factors such as:

  • Nutritional deficiencies (omega 3, 6, 9’s, zinc, B6, magnesium) for various reasons such as poor diet, child being a fast metabolizer, malabsorption due to poor digestion, leaky gut etc.
  • Undetected food allergies that conventional allergy tests do not detect since they only detect IgE reactions, not IgA, IgG, IgM.
  • Additives and preservatives in food (food colouring, sweeteners, chemicals)
  • Blood sugar irregularities
  • Insufficient sleep (both quantity and quality)
  • Need for stress management tools that are effective and appropriate for children
  • Lack of exercise ““ at least 60 minutes of sustained daily exercise is imperative for many of these children
  • Imbalance in gut flora due to antibiotics, excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption, chlorinated water and other environmental factors
  • Overstimulation from electronics (TV, computer and video games, tablets-iPads ect.)Underdevelopment of certain areas in the brain ““ the brain is plastic and can be changed with specific brain exercise.

A holistic approach includes:

  • Dietary assessment and recommendations unique to your child’s health needs (eliminating processed food, sugar, etc.)
  • Meal plan and substitutes for child’s favourite, but possible “˜toxic’ food
  • Identifying food allergies and sensitivities that could be impacting your child’s brain health
  • Possible supplement recommendations (ie. fish oil capsules)
  • Lifestyle assessment and recommendations
  • Brain exercises and visualization exercises that have clinically been proven to change the brain and to help your child’s amygdala be less reactive to stimuli and situations
  • Healing the gut microbiome and lining and populating the gut with beneficial bacteria and starving the bad “˜guys’
  • Daily exercise plan (finding a form of physical activity that your child enjoys)

3 Month Program – $538.00 (4 sessions + 1 cookbook)

6 Month Program – $737.00 (7 sessions + 1 cookbook)