In-Season Vegetable Garden Bowl

One of my favorite things about summer is that I can steer away from rigid meal planning and play with what's in season in the garden. Below is the recipe for a last minute meal I put together the other day with the harvest from Hoople Creek's CSA basket. This lovely basket of organic, in-season … Continue reading In-Season Vegetable Garden Bowl

Easter Bunny Butter Cups

Like many parents, I am not a fan of Easter baskets filled with chocolate since all that sugar tends to make them hyper, irritable and sick. Yet, who wants to deprive their child of Easter goodies? I make these up when my daughter is in bed a couple nights before and package them up in … Continue reading Easter Bunny Butter Cups

Eating Well During the Holidays – Getting to the Root of the Matter

Despite the positive associations that the media portrays about the holiday season, the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. Between the shopping, spending and socializing with loved ones, as well with those who rub us the wrong way, the holidays can bring out our worst. While most of us manage not to ‘act out’, … Continue reading Eating Well During the Holidays – Getting to the Root of the Matter

Reducing Your Sugar Intake – Where Sugar is Hiding

Now that I am past the worst part of my sugar detox I thought I would share what I came across in Dr. Mark Hyman's book 'The Blood Sugar Solution'.  Dr. Hyman explains that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. I saw evidence of that the other day when my daughter, who has … Continue reading Reducing Your Sugar Intake – Where Sugar is Hiding

The Not-So-Sweet-Side of Sugar

Did you know that sugar literally feeds cancer cells and that one tablespoon of sugar weakens the immune system for a minimum of six hours? This is why researchers state that many of us are walking around with immune systems that are only operating at 50% of their capacity because many of us knowingly or … Continue reading The Not-So-Sweet-Side of Sugar

The Sugar Detox: Day 4 -7

Day 4: I experienced a lot less cravings today and my fatigue has greatly decreased. My sore throat is almost completely gone and my energy is also increasing. It is a relief to finally experience a feeling of wellness from the changes I have made. Day 5: Today is the first day that I feel … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day 4 -7

The Sugar Detox: Day 3

Today I experienced some pretty insane symptoms which if you read Day 1, you will know that I started out with a fairly optimistic attitude that I would not have any major symptoms. I am still feeling really irritable today and the fatigue is unbelievable. My first clue that something was off was when my … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day 3

The Sugar Detox: Day 2

I am a little surprised at how strong my sugar cravings were today. I felt like the entire day was being run by my appetite though I didn't succumb to my sweet tooth. If I felt hungry I ate avocados or sunflower butter. When we have sugar cravings, protein and fat is the best way … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day 2

The Sugar Detox: Day One

I felt really good about detoxing today. I was super excited. I gave Rog a list of groceries to kick start my detox yesterday. I basically followed the detox protocol that Sarah Wilson outlines in her book I Quit Sugar. She also developed adrenal issues and was diagnosed with Graves Disease (thyroid) as a result … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day One

Sugar: A Social Drug – The Detox Begins

My dear friend since childhood lovingly called me a health diva the other day when I told her I am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet. It seemed ridiculous even to me, considering anyone who has shared a meal with me knows I eat like a saint, but after my last doctor's appointment I … Continue reading Sugar: A Social Drug – The Detox Begins