An Anti-Anxiety Tool Kit – A Holistic Approach

It is important to know that while anxiety and depression are both undesirable states, anxiety is in fact considered the opposite of depression. Anxiety is a high energy, wired state while depression lacks all motivation and energy. Some individuals experience both, but many others are more prone to one or the other. According to mental … Continue reading An Anti-Anxiety Tool Kit – A Holistic Approach

Mind Traps and Ego Trips in Meditation

The mind, or the ego, is powerful. It does not want to be trained or reigned in. It is our ego that resists meditating. It is a common experience to start meditating for a period of time and then decide that it is not that important and to quit.  You will likely notice during a … Continue reading Mind Traps and Ego Trips in Meditation

Types of Meditation

There are countless ways to meditate. However, for a beginner there are a few recommended ways to begin the process of training one’s mind. To begin, one should set their intention and remind themselves of why they want to have a meditation practice. They can either sit with closed eyes. Once you are in position … Continue reading Types of Meditation

The Basics of Meditation

Frequency What is most important when starting a meditation practice is consistency. Meditating at least once daily is essential to maintain momentum as well as to develop the skill of inner stillness and contemplation. It is ideal however to meditate twice daily, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Space A … Continue reading The Basics of Meditation

Mindfulness Myths – It’s not about stopping your thoughts, it’s about observing them.

Mindfulness Misconceptions The biggest misconception about mindfulness as well as meditation is that people think that the objective is to think about nothing or to stop their thoughts. This is impossible even for the most accomplished meditators. People often say that they are not good at focusing, concentrating or that they have scattered thoughts so … Continue reading Mindfulness Myths – It’s not about stopping your thoughts, it’s about observing them.

How to Meditate

As I mentioned in my previous post Mindfulness Myths, mindfulness and meditation is not about stopping your thoughts, clearing your mind or thinking about nothing. That is essentially impossible. Like mindful living, the purpose in meditation is to observe and detach from your thoughts. Anyone can do it, whether they are naturally focused and calm … Continue reading How to Meditate

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness? The practice of mindfulness has become a popular trend in the last few years. Everyone from psychotherapists, pain management specialists to nutritionists are talking about the benefits of becoming consciously aware of the present moment. In a nutshell mindfulness is the effort to remain in the present moment on a continuous basis … Continue reading What is Mindfulness?