Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail – Ditch the Resolution, Set an Intention

file000475058724I have been excited to write this post for awhile. In the last few months several people have shared their New Year’s Resolutions. Most of the resolutions I have heard are centered around diet, weight-loss and fitness. Is it any surprise that the most common New Year’s resolution is to diet? Many of us hold in mind those inspiring people who were a weight loss success and hope for the same ourselves this year. 

Eating Well During the Holidays – Skillpower Not Willpower

My last post, Eating Well During the Holidays - Getting to the Root of the Matter, described how to address the underlying triggers of overeating during the holidays. Now that you are aware of emotional and stress eating and their triggers, you no longer have to be hijacked by your emotions and cravings--you can choose. … Continue reading Eating Well During the Holidays – Skillpower Not Willpower

Eating Well During the Holidays – Getting to the Root of the Matter

Despite the positive associations that the media portrays about the holiday season, the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. Between the shopping, spending and socializing with loved ones, as well with those who rub us the wrong way, the holidays can bring out our worst. While most of us manage not to ‘act out’, … Continue reading Eating Well During the Holidays – Getting to the Root of the Matter

Curbing Carb Cravings

1) Protein - Protein needs to be eaten at every meal in order to curb cravings. In fact, missing protein at even one meal is one the main contributors to carb binges in the evening. Protein creates a feeling of fullness that lasts much longer than carbohydrates. Protein helps to dull the insulin response and … Continue reading Curbing Carb Cravings

Causes of Carb Addiction

There are many reasons why carbs can be addictive which extends further than the dopamine release that occurs in the brain as I explained in my previous post Are You Crazy for Carbs? Certain people are more prone to carb addiction due to various mental and physical health factors. If you know or suspect that … Continue reading Causes of Carb Addiction

The Sugar Detox: Day 4 -7

Day 4: I experienced a lot less cravings today and my fatigue has greatly decreased. My sore throat is almost completely gone and my energy is also increasing. It is a relief to finally experience a feeling of wellness from the changes I have made. Day 5: Today is the first day that I feel … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day 4 -7

The Sugar Detox: Day 3

Today I experienced some pretty insane symptoms which if you read Day 1, you will know that I started out with a fairly optimistic attitude that I would not have any major symptoms. I am still feeling really irritable today and the fatigue is unbelievable. My first clue that something was off was when my … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day 3

The Sugar Detox: Day 2

I am a little surprised at how strong my sugar cravings were today. I felt like the entire day was being run by my appetite though I didn't succumb to my sweet tooth. If I felt hungry I ate avocados or sunflower butter. When we have sugar cravings, protein and fat is the best way … Continue reading The Sugar Detox: Day 2

How to Spring Clean Your Liver (Part 2)

The Liver - The Detox Process The liver detoxes in two phases. In Phase One, the harmful chemicals and toxins are converted into less harmful substances called 'free radicals'. Free radicals are unstable and can damage the body's cells. In order to make sure we eliminate these free radicals we need to make sure we … Continue reading How to Spring Clean Your Liver (Part 2)

What Your Cravings Mean

As I mentioned in my previous post there are many reasons for cravings, one of the reasons being one or more nutritional deficiencies. The information below is a list of potential deficiencies. A craving does not indicate that a craving definitely signals a deficiency. However, it is advisable to determine if you are eating enough food that contains a particular nutrient. If you … Continue reading What Your Cravings Mean