Women + Children First!

Welcome! I’m Lorraine Driscoll. I empower women and their children to thrive by reconnecting them to their optimum brain & body health. I do this through therapeutic nutrition, neural re-training and lifestyle re-alignment so they move beyond surviving and into THRIVING.

Surviving is for desert islands. Thriving is your birthright. THRIVING means you and your children are physically and mentally able to become the best versions of YOU.

If you’re anything like the women I work with, you are a woman who is trying to do everything right as a parent. You’ve read the books, scoured the web and seen the specialists, but you are:

  • Exhausted, burnt-out topped off with a good old helping of depression and anxiety.
  • Worried because you have a child who is struggling with dyslexia, ADHD or a learning difference.
  • Blaming yourself for your weight or health issues because you have ‘failed’ every diet known.
  • confused about what constitutes ‘healthy’ and you are overwhelmed with meal planning and prep.

You quite possibly feel as though you could star as the leading zombie in the next episode of The Walking Dead!

If you read my story, you will know I suffered for years with exhaustion and mental health. I know first hand how important it is for YOU to be healthy so that your children can be. They eat what you eat, right? I have found that if mama ain’t healthy, ain’t nobody healthy.

I also know that you’re only as happy as your least happy child. If your child isn’t healthy or is struggling in school–it wears you down: zaps your energy, your joy and often your own health.

So What’s a Girl to Do?

I help women improve their energy level, overall health and mood all while simultaneously addressing their child’s underlying health and cognitive dysfunction.

Sounds complicated? If you read my story you’ll know that I’ve had years to become a Master at simplifying and layering lifestyle changes and meal planning all while balancing a full-time teaching career and being a mom and a wife. You don’t have time to be overwhelmed with big changes. You’re busy!

I might not be a psychic, but I have an idea of what YOU want.

You want to THRIVE.

You want your children to THRIVE.

You want to have the energy, sanity and motivation to care for those you love (that includes YOU, sister!).

You want your child to be able to read and to be focused so he or she can experience the confidence that comes with success. You want your children to be healthy.

You want to end the battle with food, diets, eating and your body.

You want to rediscover the woman that got lost in the layers of responsibilities, roles and stresses of adulthood.

The reality is that you’ve tried everything—nothing has worked. You see women and their children who are thriving and you want what they have, but have no idea how to get there.

You feel stuck, drained, out-of-options.

Been there. Done that.

So What do I do?

I combine my 12+ years as an elementary teacher and understanding of how the brain can change with my training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Mind-Body Eating Specialist to help you and your child overcome brain and body dysfunction.

I’ve learned that nutrition, learning and the brain are so intricately linked that they are inseparable.

My own struggles with health forced me to apply what I learned and then to learn some more–like we can transform!

I was proof that we are not stuck with the brain or body we are born with!

and I want you to experience that transformation too!

Recently, I decided to further my education in neuroplastic learning such as iLs and the Cellfield Reading Program which are brain integration therapies that help with focus, attention, reading, hyperactivity, anxiety, autism spectrum and more. These tools help to re-organize and re-pattern the brain so that learning and living are easier. I now merge my background in education and nutrition to help women and their children move beyond their apparent limitations.

When you’re burnt-out, your kid can’t learn or you hate your body and the way you eat, it’s hard to even begin to imagine living your best life.

But let’s play what if…

What if you or child were never really broken, but just need another way that focuses on restoring what is hibernating?

What if you didn’t fail the diet, but succeeded it because your body knew better and that it wasn’t True for YOU?

What if there was a reading program that is a science-based brain plasticity intervention in which participants improve ONE to TWO years in reading skills in only 14 days? (Spoiler – There is! It’s called Cellfield)

What if you knew that therapeutic nutrition and bio-individual nutrition combined with brain-training could change the neural networks that cause us to suffer from dyslexia, overeating, hyperactivity, anxiety and lack of focus in our lives?

What if the reason your child has dyslexia or ADHD has more to do with gut flora and the brain-gut connection, lifestyle and our pathologizing of childhood?

What if you’re trying to fit a square peg in a cookie-cutter-round hole?

What if I could help YOU and your child go from surviving to THRIVING?

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