Since Steve completed the Cellfield program our whole family’s dynamics have changed including Steve’s outlook on learning. Going to school and any school related work was always a battle and we fought every morning and every evening–it was exhausting. Within 3 days of the Phase I Cellfield sessions we started seeing a difference. For the first time in 5 years he did not argue about going to school. I WAS SHOCKED. From that day on it was just up hill.    


Cellfield has helped me because I have become more fluent with my reading and I am able to pronounce words better. I am now looking for harder books to read and I feel better in myself because I can now finish a book and remember what I have been reading.


She feels more confident because she can now read instructions and the best thing for us is that she has now found an author that she likes and has asked for these books to be included in her Christmas presents. Something that would have never occurred in the past. She is committed to keeping up her reading in the school holidays because she wants to begin next year as she finished this year – on a high!

-Adele’s Parents

Ben has shown a greater willingness to read and reads longer before he makes a mistake and is more fluent. He is showing more expression when he reads and greater interest in what he reads. Ben will now pick up any reading material without being asked and have a go. Ben appears to enjoy reading more and has become more confident in his speech.

-Ben’s mother

Her reading has improved, but she’s also much calmer, is able to reason more.


Mike’s self-esteem and belief have lifted, he no longer considers himself stupid and he is feeling more socially competent and happy.


We have seen improvements for all the kids we work with who are aged 6 to 16. While most improve by an average of 24 months in all areas, we have seen incredibly impressive results. As difficult as it is to believe, one of our grade 2 student’s reading comprehension is now at a grade 7 level. One of our younger students asked us if the Cellfield Program made people happy because he said, “I’ve been feeling very happy since I started doing this!”

-Michelle Vaudrin

Its Brad, I just got good news, my reading has improved I’m reading as a 12-13 year old. I had a running record test at school today and that was the result! My teacher told the whole class that my reading had improved from 7-8 year old to a 12-13 year old and the class went WOW!!!!!!!  And I smiled and I’m still smiling.